Christian Galarreta

Real Name:
Christian Galarreta Pando
Peruvian Musician, Composer and Installation Artist living also in France and , Netherlands
(Lima, 1976)
In his sound-based works uses broken electrical appliances, hand-made audiovisual instruments, field streamings and -recordings, feedback systems, the induction of errors in the software-hardware, and musical instruments. He researches and highlights the acoustic qualities of bodies and spaces, and transduces imperceptible physical phenomena to an audible dimension –as electromagnetic fields, sub-aquatic sounds or otoacoustic emissions, among others.

Very active in South- and Central America since 1995. He presented his different projects in South America, Central America, Europe and Eurasia at amongst others: Luis Miroquesada Garland gallery, Lima; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC), Lima; Centre International d’Art et du Paysage, Île de Vassivière; DortYart, Dordrecht; TENT, Rotterdam; Institute de Sonology – Royal Conservatoire, The Hague; NCCA, Kaliningrad; WORM, Rotterdam; Qo2, Brussels; La Gaîté lyrique, Paris; Interpenetration Festival, Graz; Festival de Arte Sonoro Radar (now ‘Aural’), Mexico D.F.; Audio Art Festival, Krakow; Centro Cultural de España, Mexico-D.F.; Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid; La Friche de Mai, Marseille; Festival Ecuatoriano de Música Contemporánea, Quito; and Festival Asimtria, Arequipa. He presented his lectures, sound walks and workshops ‘Electro-smog & Amplified Hearing’, ‘HiperOido: Invisible Sonic Debris and Continuity’, and ‘Electromagnetism: Attraction and Repulsion’ at amongst others: Poolloop Media Art Festival, Zurich; Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna; and University of Valparaiso, Valparaiso. In 2014 his feedback sound-light installation ‘Tupac Amarus’ was commissioned by Tsonami Festival, Valparaiso (CL). In 2008 Galarreta won a first prize with his work ‘Amarus’ and was granted a residency at ‘Residencias Artísticas de Iberoamerica en el Centro Nacional de las Artes’, Mexico-D.F. (MX).

Founder and member of association Aloardi – a label and independent platform in South- and Central America since 1998, diffusing and producing experimental music, audiovisual art, sound interventions, internet radio broadcasts, acoustic research, festivals, lectures, workshops and concerts (link portfolio). Aloardi celebrated their 10-years anniversary in 2008, organizing the third edition of the international festival of electronic and contemporary music CONTACTO, in the Cultural Centre of Spain –CCE, Lima.

He published more than 100 productions and has been collaborating with artists, collectives and labels around the world such as: Microbio Records, Sub Rosa, APO33, Platoniq, Sonic Art Networks, Aloardi, Urbanoide Records, Fougère Musique, Ruido Horrible, Noxa Records, Andesground, Existenz, Felt Collective, Chipmusic, Biodata, Superspace Records, Worm Records, Ursonate, Zbigniew Karkowski, Jorge Castro (Cornucopia), N’alov, Leo Sabatto (Armenia), Pablo Reche, Anton Mobin, Dj Urine, David Kraapoola, Francisco Lopez, Dave Phillips, Muozik, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Rogelio Sosa, Tsonami Arte Sonoro, Sebastian Ortiz, and Ignacio Rus.

In 2013 developed his independent projects at the Institute of Sonology in the Royal Conservatoire and at Foundation Centrum –Villa K, in The Hague, The Netherlands. Galarreta also works under the name of several bands that he initiated and produced: DiosMeHaViolado (soloist project sometimes in collaboration with Claudia Machuca, Fabian Escalante, Yuri Gutierrez and Aldo Castillejos, 1994-1998), Evamuss (as soloist, 1997-2003), Azucena Kántrix (with Wilder Gonzales), Tica (with Fabiola Vasquez, 2005), Garrapata (with Gabriel Castillo and Rolando Apolo), Ninguna Ninfula (with Sabrina Melenotte, 2009), Miasma (with Sergio Sanchez, 2009), 50 Otages (with Mathieu Finisterre, Bernard Bruit and Julien Otavi, 2011), Invisible Architecture (with Janneke van der Putten, 2013–now), and Sajjra, Galarreta’s current solo harsh-pop project.
In Groups:


alo016 Christian Galarreta - Instalaciones album art Christian Galarreta Instalaciones(CD, Album) Aloardi alo016 Peru 2002 Sell This Version
alo020 Christian Galarreta - Primavera Lap Top album art Christian Galarreta Primavera Lap Top(CDr, Mini, Album) Aloardi alo020 Peru 2004 Sell This Version
alo018 Christian Galarreta - Inventos Divertidos Para Niños Solos album art El Hombre Topo (2) / Galarreta* / Castillo* El Hombre Topo (2) / Galarreta* / Castillo* - Inventos Divertidos Para Niños Solos(CDr, Album) Aloardi alo018 Peru 2004 Sell This Version
biodata-12 Christian Galarreta - Peruperformance album art Christian Galarreta Peruperformance(4xFile, MP3, Album) Biodata biodata-12 Venezuela 2005
MP3 Album 35 Christian Galarreta - Ruid On-Huay No album art Christian Galarreta Ruid On-Huay No(3xFile, MP3, Album, 320) TIBProd. MP3 Album 35 Norway 2005
alo029 Christian Galarreta - Rico Rimac album art Christian Galarreta Rico Rimac(CDr, Album, Ltd) Aloardi alo029 Peru 2006 Sell This Version
rdm017 Christian Galarreta - Ningunlugar/Ningunaparte album art Christian Galarreta Ningunlugar/Ningunaparte(7xFile, ogg, Album) Ruidemos rdm017 Spain 2006
alo028 Christian Galarreta - Polis album art Christian Galarreta Polis(CDr, Album) Aloardi alo028 Peru 2006 Sell This Version
SSR 19 Christian Galarreta - En Vivo En Independencia album art Wilder Gonzales Agreda / Christian Galarreta Wilder Gonzales Agreda / Christian Galarreta - En Vivo En Independencia(CDr, Album) Superspace Records SSR 19 Peru 2007 Sell This Version
RA017 Christian Galarreta - Indigencia Tecnológica album art Clon & Christian Galarreta Clon & Christian Galarreta - Indigencia Tecnológica(CDr, Album) Sonora RA017 Puerto Rico 2008 Sell This Version
Uzucdr-13 Christian Galarreta - Raw Field Recordings I : Habitación En Buenos Aires album art Christian Galarreta Raw Field Recordings I : Habitación En Buenos Aires (Album) Uzusounds Uzucdr-13 France 2011 Sell This Version
SSR 27 Christian Galarreta - Lima Sublime album art Chrs. Galarreta* - Pez Platano* - Sam Hamilton - Wilder Gonzales* Chrs. Galarreta* - Pez Platano* - Sam Hamilton - Wilder Gonzales* - Lima Sublime(6xFile, FLAC, MP3, Album, VBR) Superspace Records SSR 27 Peru 2011
alo034 Christian Galarreta - Beauty Comes From Nothing album art Christian Galarreta Beauty Comes From Nothing(CDr, Album) Aloardi alo034 Peru 2012 Sell This Version
none Christian Galarreta - Sustancias Del Imaginario album art Sebastian Ortiz + Christian Galarreta Sebastian Ortiz + Christian Galarreta - Sustancias Del Imaginario(Cass, Album, CS6) Andesground none Luxembourg 2013 Sell This Version
10 Christian Galarreta - Abandon Débit album art Chrs Galarreta* & Anton Mobin Chrs Galarreta* & Anton Mobin - Abandon Débit(CD, Album, Ltd) Felt 10 Greece 2013 Sell This Version
Alo061 Christian Galarreta - I.A. Maastunnel album art Chrs Galarreta* & Janneke van der Putten Chrs Galarreta* & Janneke van der Putten - I.A. Maastunnel (Album) Aloardi Alo061 Peru 2015 Sell This Version
bar-cas-021, alo59 Christian Galarreta - Invisible Architecture II album art Galarreta* & Van Der Putten* Galarreta* & Van Der Putten* - Invisible Architecture II(Cass, Album, Ltd) Barreuh Records, Aloardi bar-cas-021, alo59 Netherlands 2015 Sell This Version
#12 Christian Galarreta - And The Voice Became Space album art Chrs Galarreta* And The Voice Became Space(Cass, Album) Fougère #12 France 2016 Sell This Version
Alo066 Christian Galarreta - Raw Field Recordings II: Electromagnetic Detritus  album art Chrs Galarreta* Raw Field Recordings II: Electromagnetic Detritus (CDr, Album) Aloardi Alo066 Peru 2017 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

alo019 Christian Galarreta - Ejercicios De Desolacion Artificial 1 album art Pablo Reche, Christian Galarreta Pablo Reche, Christian Galarreta - Ejercicios De Desolacion Artificial 1(CDr, EP) Aloardi alo019 Peru 2004 Sell This Version
Alo56 Christian Galarreta - Invisible Architecture album art Christian Galarreta & Janneke Van Der Putten Christian Galarreta & Janneke Van Der Putten - Invisible Architecture(12", Ltd, S/Edition) Aloardi Alo56 Netherlands 2014 Sell This Version


rh060, alo033 Christian Galarreta - Ruido Al Paso 1 album art Zbigniew Karkowski, Christian Galarreta & Paruro Zbigniew Karkowski, Christian Galarreta & Paruro - Ruido Al Paso 1(DVDr, Comp) Ruido Horrible, Aloardi rh060, alo033 Mexico 2011 Sell This Version


DLNET012 Christian Galarreta - Orizona album art Christian Galarreta Orizona(4xFile, MP3, 96 ) Dreamland Recordings DLNET012 Australia 2004
simlog029 Christian Galarreta - Ome 08-2003 album art Christian Galarreta Ome 08-2003(CDr) Simple Logic Records simlog029 Poland 2005 Sell This Version
biodata-14 Christian Galarreta - La Paz Vol.2 album art Christian Galarreta / [neuma] Christian Galarreta / [neuma] - La Paz Vol.2(8xFile, MP3) Biodata biodata-14 Venezuela 2006