East 17


Tony Mortimer formed this group in 1991. East 17 was named from the first part of their post code and their first album was named after their hometown Walthamstow in Greater London.

The band renamed themselves E-17 for their album Resurrection in 1998 and singles and releases in 1997 and 1998 connected with this phase of the band go under the E-17 alias.

For their return in 2011 they were styled again as East 17.

For releases until 1997 and again from 2011 (and also any compilations, reissues etc) with the artist E-17 or E.17, use an artist name variation (ANV) of East 17 as these variations are not connected with Resurrection project and the band renaming in 1998.

Sites:Facebook , Wikipedia , X , Instagram
Aliases:E-17, Levy And Friends
Members:Blair Dreelan, Brian Harvey, Craig Robbie Elkins, Joe Livermore, John Hendy, Terry Coldwell, Tony Mortimer
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