Matt Hughes

Real Name:
Tyrone Matthews
Tyrone Matthews knows that house is a feeling, and he's had the feeling since 1982. His love for the music started on the dance side. He began DJing a year later when his cousin Shelton “Mega House” Reese jacked two component sets from his sisters. Matt would stop by his cousins house after school to practice. Soon they acquired the right equipment to start doing parties. He had several guest spots on WKKC's Friday Night Audio. Mega House landed a gig with the Loop Roller Rink for their dance parties. Matt DJed along side the late great Armando, and Joe Louis. Just as his career started to take off in early 1987 he joined the Army in Aug 1987 and put his DJ career on hold.

Ten years later he returned to the scene not only to get his DJ career on track but to also produce the music he so loved to play. With the help of DJ Hasan (HotMix Hasan), Stacy Kidd, Jordan Fields, the late Mike Saxon, Glenn Underground, Gene Hunt and K. Alexi he looks to have a promising career ahead.

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