V. Dorrel

V. Dorrel

In 1990, Severo Lombardoni's Discomagic Records released new mixes of Valerie Dore hits on the 12" The Night / Get Closer, crediting no artist name, just Novecento (the Nicolosi family's pop band) as producer. That same year, one of the mixes (with fake "live" sound effects added) was included alongside new versions of Novecento hits on the Discomagic-marketed release Novecento - The Best. Appearances of the same two songs on 1991 Discomagic compilation albums used the artist name V. Dorrel or V. Dorrell.

In this era, the Nicolosis worked with Lombardoni to create cover versions using fanciful names to avoid copyright. The new mixes were mostly assembled from Nicolosi-produced source material, but it's uncertain to what degree they are remixes or different recordings, and to what degree the family was actually involved. The ambiguous 12" and the discontinuation of the Novecento name on the 1991 appearances calls into question whether they should really be considered Novecento songs. Regardless, it's evident that the songs could not be marketed as Valerie Dore anymore, so they're not tied to that name in Discogs. Instead, the mystery is addressed by grouping them together under the arbitrary V. Dorrel name, which is then said to be more of an alias of Novecento than of Valerie Dore.


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MIX 399 V. Dorrel The Night / Get Closer(12") Discomagic Records MIX 399 Italy 1990 Sell This Version