Torche was an American stoner rock/doom metal band from Miami, Florida, formed in 2004 by Steve Brooks after the breakup of his previous band Floor (2).

The first lineup consisted of Steve Brooks, Juan Montoya, Jonathan Nuñez and Rick Smith.
In late 2008 Montoya left the band, a move credited to musical differences. Torche then had a touring guitarist named Max, before Andrew Elstner joined the band in 2011.
He left Torche in 2016, and Eric Hernandez took his position.

In May 2022, Steve Brooks announced that he would leave Torche after a final tour in late 2022. It was confirmed on September 17, 2022, that the band would not continue without Brooks. The group played their final concert on October 16, 2022 at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA.

Final lineup:
Steve Brooks - vocals/guitar
Jonathan Nuñez - guitar
Eric Hernandez - bass/vocals
Rick Smith - drums

Former members:
Andrew Elstner - guitar/vocals (2011-2016)
Juan Montoya - guitar (2004-2008) , Bandcamp , Facebook , X , Instagram
Members:Andrew Elstner, Eric Hernandez, Jonathan Nuñez, Juan Montoya, Rick Smith (4), Steve Brooks (2)




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