Allez Allez


On the verge of an international breakthrough in 1981, funky Belgian new wave band Marine (2) lost their singer Marc Desmare in London. Quickly replaced by Sarah Osborne (4) from Repetition they recorded their planned Peel session and changed their name to Allez Allez.
Following indie mini album African Queen the group signed with Virgin. Promises was produced by Martyn Ware, founding member of both Heaven 17 and Human League, and was released in November 1982. The album and singles were not mainstream hits, and Sarah left the band for a marriage with Heaven 17 singer Glenn Gregory.
She was replaced by singer Jackie Irwin from New York, but this didn't work out.
Bass player Marka later found fame as a singer in the French speaking part of the world. , , Facebook ,
Members:Chris Debusscher, Marc Desmare, Nico Fransolet, Paul Curtiz, Paul Delnoy, Robbie Bindels, Roland Bindi, Sarah Osborne (4), Serge Van Laeken




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