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Swiss group formed circa 1978 in Aarau by guitarist Gutze Gautschi. They started as a punk band featuring Dieter Meier, however, Meier left after two 7" singles, "Cry For Fame" (released as 'Dieter Meier') and "No Chance" (released as 'Fresh Color'). Meier went on to form Yello. Fresh Color released further singles in punk style.
In the early 80ies, Gutze Gautschi assembled a new band including drummer Danny Amsler and moved towards new wave. Fresh Color started to include synthesizers and developped a distinct dubby production style. The alias "Frische Farbe" was created to release songs in German language; the band's debut longplayer "Die Stärke im Minimum" (1982) was also credited to "Frische Farbe".
In 1984, Fresh Color shrunk to the duo of Gutze Gautschi and Danny Amsler. On the singles "Disco Nature" and "Get On Up", the duo merged their new wave background with disco and electro.
When songwriter and vocalist Humphrey Robertson joined the group, they had their biggest success with "Disco Future" and released their second album, "Nightdreams", in 1985.
Soon after, all of the three went into producing a large number of different projects.
At the end of the nineties, Gautschi tried to revive Fresh Color.
Members:Danny Amsler, Dieter Meier, Gutze Gautschi, Humphrey Robertson, Liza Wue, Steno Onetz
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