Cornell Campbell

Real Name:Cornel Campbell

Born 23 November 1945 in Kingston, Jamaica, Cornel Campbell got his start in the early 1960s at Studio One. In 1966, after the duet The Bell Stars (with George), he formed The Sensations with Aaron Davis, Jimmy Riley and Buster Riley with which he recorded ska and rocksteady tracks for Treasure Isle, Bunny Lee and Winston Riley. After leaving The Sensations, Cornel was briefly in The Uniques (without recording with them at the time) and then formed his own group called The Eternals (2) (which became Cornell Campbell & The Eternals) who recorded for Studio One and Harry Mudie before splitting in 1971. From 1972 to 1978, Cornel Campbell recorded as a solo artist for Bunny Lee and then joined Jimmy Riley in the next version of The Uniques.
Cornel sings in a falsetto style and made his mark as a lovers rock singer (although he did record a string of rasta hits in the mid 70s). Amongst his hits, 'Stars' and 'Queen of the Minstrels' (with The Eternals) for Studio One during the late 60s, 'Natty Dread Inna Greenwich Village', 'The Duke Of Earl' and 'Gorgon' for Bunny Lee, 'Everyday Is Like A Holiday' and 'Those Guys' (with The Sensations) for Arthur "Duke" Reid. During the 1980's, his career slowed but has revived since the 1990's.
Brother of Cecile Campbell (from The Soulettes) and Robert Campbell (AKA Jah Wise).

Aliases:Elton Ellis
In Groups:Cornell And Roy, Cornell Campbell & The Eternals, The Aggrovators, The Eternals (2), The Sensations, The Uniques
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