Experimental ethnic fusion outfit based around the duo of Jean-François Gaël, Pierre Buffenoir, initially with Arcane V members: Philippe Gumplowicz and Youval Micenmacher, and others.
Sonorhc (Chronos backwards) played a wide-ranging mixture of styles, covering all sorts of ancient and modern cultural elements, medieval, baroque, oriental, you name it, they mixed and matched, fused and collided, making unusual and original concoctions, resulting in three very different albums, and also Jean-François Gaël Et Pierre Buffenoir - Portes D'Orient which was essentially Sonorhc although it didn't bear their name.


CVR MG 650 Sonorhc - Purf album art Sonorhc Purf(LP, Album) Disques Du Cavalier CVR MG 650 France 1972 Sell This Version
GB 732 Sonorhc - Outrelande album art Sonorhc Outrelande(LP) Productions Du Cochon D'Or GB 732 France 1982 Sell This Version
982432 Sonorhc - K'An album art Sonorhc K'An(CD, Album) Productions Du Cochon D'Or 982432 France 1992 Sell This Version


Fractal820 Sonorhc - Purf / Outrelande album art Sonorhc Purf / Outrelande(CD, Comp, RM) Fractal Records (2) Fractal820 France 2014 Sell This Version
Fractal 840 Sonorhc - Portes D'Orient - Amazonia album art Sonorhc Portes D'Orient - Amazonia(CD, Comp, RM) Fractal Records (2) Fractal 840 France 2015 Sell This Version
Fractal 885 Sonorhc - K'An / Musiques De Table album art Sonorhc, Jean-François Gaël Sonorhc, Jean-François Gaël - K'An / Musiques De Table(CD, Comp, RM) Fractal Records (2) Fractal 885 France 2016 Sell This Version


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June 28, 2013
Extract from my French Independent & Underground Obscurities article in Audion 56 (2010): That's "Chronos" backwards! I talked a little about them earlier in the Arcane V write-up. Sonorhc though were well different. Think of something in the vein of early Between, add some Third Ear Band traits (mostly MACBETH era), a little bit of that quirky ethno-jazz angle as explored by the likes of Newtone Experience, some psychedelic pazazz and weirdness, and that's kind of what PURF sounds like. Radical, mysterious and thoroughly creative.
Their second OUTRELANDE spanned a whole decade, with and without Micenmacher and Gumplowicz it seems, and sans André Chini's oboe and flute, there's a shift in style, less jazz, some electronics and more authentic ethnic elements, with an even wider range of instruments. Still highly experimental though. Down to just a duo of original members: Jean-Francois Gael (flutes, basses, keyboards, ethnic instruments, etc.) and Pierre Buffenoir (guitar, percussion, etc.) PORTES D'ORIENT clearly is Sonorhc although it doesn't say so on the original cover. The opening track Shayoun reprises Shai on OUTRELANDE, an there are lots of other familiar pieces amongst many that we don't, in a collection of 17 shorter tracks, and not just trips towards the orient, but to unknown places as well! Several years on again is the CD release K'AN, of which I have little info, a much more bizarre and even more varied concoction, this time involving a lot of electronics, studio processing and such-like.

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