The Antilles story starts somewhere back in 1999, when after a few years of musical un-creativity David bought a new synthesizer workstation and started to compose instrumental pop songs. The project was labeled “Antilles”. A website was created as an outlet to release the songs to the world. From 2000 – 2002 a handful of instrumental songs were offered to download on the webpage. In 2000 a cover version of Alphaville’s “Jerusalem” was released on the Alphaville fan tribute CD, “We heard the Call”.

After a couple of years, David was bored with the limitations of instrumental pop songs, and took a hiatus from composing and started to write lyrics. For a year or so the main creative outlet was writing songs. After writing a lot of songs, David started looking for a singer – male or female – to take Antilles to the next level. David came across folk singer Anne Christine who came from a completely different musical background. Anne Christine is educated in music and vocal improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. David saw her potential as an electro-pop vocalist.

To realize the ambitions of a vocal pop project, a studio environment was built and more synthesizers and equipment were added. In 2005, Anne Christine lend her voice for the first time to the project. The track, “A Different Place”, (originally an instrumental track) was spontaneously recorded. Her vocal turned out to fit the Antilles sound very well and the collaboration officially started.

With Anne Christine onboard the recording process slowly started. In 2006 the tracks “’You & Me” and “Something New” was recorded and stated the characteristics of the now well-established Antilles sound. The songs quickly drew a lot of attention on the internet and developed quite a following. The songs also started to draw the attention of DJ’s and records companies.

In 2007 “You & Me” was released on a synthpop vinyl compilation by French label, Cosmic Radio. The song was the opening track on the album.

December 2008. The Antilles debut album, “Something New” is released on MajorDigital, a German label specialized in electronic music.

In 2010 Anne Christine went on to focus on her solo career and moved to Lonton. In early 2011, David advertised for a new singer and Jasmin Gabay was chosen over a dusin of talented candidates. Like Anne Christine, Jasmin comes from a very different musical background, in the jazz and soul genre.

Members:Anne Christine, David Witkowski


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