Bruno Spoerri

Real Name:Bruno Alexander Spoerri

Swiss musician, born 16 August 1935 in Zürich, Switzerland. He is active in electronic music since 1965, mostly in film music, TV jingles etc. Concerts with interactive computer devices and multiple collaborations with various artists in the fields of jazz and electronic music. He is also running a studio in Zurich, Studio Für Elektronische Musik Spoerri. , Wikipedia
Aliases:Marcel Ferrat
In Groups:Alphageneric#Taurus, Bode Band, Bruno Spoerri Allstars, Bruno Spoerri And His Big Band, Bruno Spoerri Sextett, Container (10), Francis Notz Septet, Future City Octet, Jazz Rock Experience, Les Électroniciens, Movin' On (2), Swiss All Stars, The Metronome Quintet, Voice Of Taurus, Zürich Tenors, The Survivors (2)
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