Belgian all-electronic disco pop band.
Formed in 1978 by radio DJ/jazz musician Marc Moulin, programmer/sound engineer Dan Lacksman and vocalist Michel Moers. Expressing articulate, militant views on the essential lightness of pop, the group's tongue-in-cheek championing of disco was not always well understood at the time by the ideologically-correct rock press. Nevertheless, the group's first three singles ("Twist A Saint Tropez", "Moskow Diskow" and "Rock Around The Clock") became hits in the UK and in the rest of Europe, and a number of Telex 12"s were popular in dance clubs, especially in the USA.

Telex made five albums between 1979 and 1988 — Looking For Saint Tropez, Neurovision, Sex, Wonderful World, and Looney Tunes. During a nearly 20-year hiatus came a series of remix albums and compilations, culminating in the 2006 release of How Do You Dance? album, which brought together newly recorded and previously unreleased material.

During the hiatus, Marc Moulin produced many pop albums, was one of the head programmers on French-speaking Belgian national radio, and was an author and playwright. He died of cancer on 26 September 2008. Dan Lacksman runs Synsound Studios, a successful studio complex in Brussels. Michel Moers lives in Provence, France, and is a video director and professional and artistic photographer.
wbn-17.222, WBN 17222 Telex - Twist A Saint Tropez album art Telex Twist A Saint Tropez (Single) RKM wbn-17.222, WBN 17222 Netherlands 1978 Sell This Version
CM-275 Telex - Rock Around The Clock album art Telex Rock Around The Clock (Single) Vogue CM-275 Japan 1979 Sell This Version
R-0733-II Telex - The Devil Sent You To Lorado / Twist À Saint Tropez album art Baccara / Telex Baccara / Telex - The Devil Sent You To Lorado / Twist À Saint Tropez Tonpress R-0733-II Poland 1979 Sell This Version
DE 3102, DE. 3102 Telex - Moskow Diskow album art Telex Moskow Diskow (Single, Maxi) Vogue DE 3102, DE. 3102 Italy 1979 Sell This Version
PRO-A-887 Telex - Euro-Vision album art Telex Euro-Vision (Single) Vogue, RKM PRO-A-887 US 1980 Sell This Version
101275 Telex - We Are All Getting Old album art Telex We Are All Getting Old (Single) RKM, Vogue 101275 France 1980 Sell This Version
144.792 Telex - Soul Waves album art Telex Soul Waves (Single) RKM, Vogue 144.792 Netherlands 1980 Sell This Version
Ld A 8086 Telex - Euro-Vision / Number One album art Telex / The Kids* Telex / The Kids* - Euro-Vision / Number One(7", Jukebox) Durium Ld A 8086 Italy 1980 Sell This Version
101 301 B1 Telex - Troppical album art Telex Troppical(7", Single, TP) Vogue 101 301 B1 France 1980 Sell This Version
18 996 Telex - Brainwash album art Telex Brainwash (Maxi) WEA 18 996 France 1981 Sell This Version
IN-2 x 12 Telex - L'Amour Toujours album art Telex L'Amour Toujours Interdisc IN-2 x 12 UK 1982 Sell This Version
IN-1 Telex - Haven't We Met Somewhere Before? album art Telex Haven't We Met Somewhere Before? (Single) Interdisc IN-1 UK 1982 Sell This Version
6.13 387 Telex - Sigmund Freud's Party album art Telex Sigmund Freud's Party (Single) Ultraphone 6.13 387 Germany 1982 Sell This Version
45-2283 Telex - My Future album art Telex My Future(7", Single) Hispavox 45-2283 Spain 1982 Sell This Version
ESG-02586 Telex - Twist A Saint Tropez / More Than Distance album art Telex Twist A Saint Tropez / More Than Distance(7", Single) Gamma (4) ESG-02586 Mexico 1983 Sell This Version
24-9596-7 Telex - Tell Me It's A Dream !! album art Telex Tell Me It's A Dream !!(7", Single) WEA 24-9596-7 Netherlands 1983 Sell This Version
249 175-0 Telex - L'Amour Toujours album art Telex L'Amour Toujours (Maxi) WEA 249 175-0 Europe 1985 Sell This Version
721.862, 721 862 Telex - Spike Jones album art Telex Spike Jones (Maxi, Single) Magic 721.862, 721 862 France 1986 Sell This Version
S 9001 Telex - Peanuts album art Telex Peanuts (Maxi) Magnetic (2) S 9001 Belgium 1987 Sell This Version
MAGN 7934 Telex - Temporary Chicken album art Telex Temporary Chicken (Single) Magnetic (2) MAGN 7934 Belgium 1988 Sell This Version
MAGD 127943 Telex - The Voice album art Telex The Voice(12") Magnetic (2) MAGD 127943 Belgium 1988 Sell This Version
M 127982 Telex - Rendez-vous Dans L'espace album art Telex Rendez-vous Dans L'espace(12", Single) Magnetic (2) M 127982 Belgium 1989 Sell This Version
SSR 213 Telex - Snakes & Music album art Telex Snakes & Music SSR Records SSR 213 Belgium 1999 Sell This Version
00946 3704302 8 Telex - Do Worry album art Telex Do Worry (Single, Maxi) EMI 00946 3704302 8 Belgium 2006 Sell This Version
0946 3455691 0 Telex - On The Road Again - Club Remixes album art Telex On The Road Again - Club Remixes (Single) Emi Music Belgium 0946 3455691 0 France 2006 Sell This Version

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December 20, 2021
edited about 1 month ago
I love how all 3 records I own from these guys contain "Moscow Diskow", "Euro-vision", and "Twist A Saint-Tropez". I think the first two are different on all three too. their catalogue is kind of a mess. especially since my favorite song of theirs "Lakele" doesn't even appear on an actual album - for the longest time you had to get a Canadian "best of" to get it. luckily it's on the expanded Neurovision CD now.


June 16, 2021
edited 7 months ago
Telex completists take note.. the 12" /extended version of " We Are All Getting Old", yes there really is one lol, can ONLY be found on the australian 7" pressing. And " En Route" is on the b-side and it's a long version as well. Also there is an extra long (about 7 or 8 minutes) version of Dance To The Music on the 3 track UK 12" of Soul Waves. Also this particular mix substitutes the original drum machine sound with an almost real sounding percussion sound that is very low in the mix and gradually fades up in volume during the length of the track. ... actually I got so excited writing about it I'm gonna go listen to it now lol.


October 3, 2020
I just found out that both iTunes and Spotify have deleted all Telex material, or hoever you call that. In shock is overstating it, but still wonder how and why that happenes.. anyone know?


January 16, 2014
I'm surprised to be the first one around! Telex is one of the greatest pioneers and was much ahead of it's time and his competitors as Human League for example. It's hard to believe that his albums were made in their releasing times, the instrumentation and mixing is so advanced. The first 4 album is the thing here! Purest electro-pop all around. Analog synths, playful tunes, vocoder usage of the best kind, nothing counterfeit, no kitschy, nor rudimentatry timbres or solutions. Go and get their CDs! A good version includes double as much bonuses and extras and each every title is just as equally good as the album tracks, so suppose you get a double album on each CD. Pity, the grace lasted only for a few years. The uprosing new technology and the sampling has blinded and led them to a debatable way. Even if it's so, Telex has remained pure and ever poneering electronic band. I advice you to start with the 1st album! Highly recommended artists in the genre: YMO, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Human League, early Depeche Mode and Yazoo, Soft Cell, the Twins, and of course Kraftwerk...

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