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Hiroshi Watanabe
Born in Tokyo, Japan during 1971, he was nurtured early on by music-loving parents, his father a composer and mother a jazz pianist. His educational background includes attending Contrabass Course at Tokyo College of Music Senior High School and also graduating as a Music Synthesis Major from Berklee College of Music in Boston, U.S.A.

This project is dedicated to and named after his 3 years old son. In translation the Japanese word 'KAITO' means: 'The one that is able to explain the universe'.
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November 7, 2012
hi This not the same Kaito that released a split ep with gravel , Kaito was an english band from sheffield


January 22, 2011
I'm from the UK and I came across Hiroshi Watanabe and his music last year. I live not far from Manchester; so I know a fair bit about trance and acid trance of the likes of 'The Future Sounds of London' etc, but this guy is the best at deep progressive trance that builds you up to a massive climax and then gracefully brings you back through an excellent gradient of sound and tone. It’s colourful and awesome!


September 3, 2003
Absoulutelly outstanding piece of composer house/trance. This get backs to the memories of old trance vibes and will be definitively best filed under "HYMN". The word "KAITO" stands for "He who is able to explain the universe" and is doin' after Hiroshi's own 3-year old child (who's at the cover & back I think). Get it now!


February 6, 2003
HIROSHI WATANABE (a.k.a Kaito,Tread,Quadra,Nite System) ; the Japanese Producer - Remixer - DJ who is keep running in the House and Techno Music World since after he graduated from Music Synthesis Major at Berklee College of Music in BOSTON, U.S.A.. He'd been DJing at many hot clubs in N.Y. through the residence of , and performing at , and as a guest DJ. He was awarded the US Billboard club play chart No.1 with "Kimara Lovelace / Circles",No.3 with "Everyn Champagne King / One More Time" and the maxi single sales chart No.5 with "You've got to be there / Nite System" in 1998. He released many tracks in the names of his own project, HIROSHI WATANABE, and NITE SYSTEM from N.Y. labels, such as DEEPER REKORDS, NITEGROOVES and BPM KING STREET Sound, and the album "Sketch from a Moment" and E.P from FROGMAN RECORDS as QUADRA and album "Beatmania ~ Beat Indication" from KONAMI as HIROSHI WATANABE in Japan. He's also giving some tracks for the one of the most famous game "Beat mania" -KONAMI- (for arcade game and Sony PlayStation) and makes the big sales. After he settled in japan since March of 1999, He's been producing Japanese artists and particularly succeeding in the many remix works. As a DJ, He's been having his private event "QUADRA" at "MANIAC LOVE" in Aoyama, and also performing at "MODULE" in Shibuya, Tokyo as a resident every first Saturday. In 2001, his new world as project name "KAITO" -BEAUTIFUL DAY and EVERLASTING - were released from KOMPAKT, Germany.


August 13, 2002
A Recommendation to all who like house music and are open for excursions between styles. "Intension" on the "Everlasting" 12" on Kompakt is in my opinion the best work by him so far. Lush house mixed with trancey elements.

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