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Staffan's musicial interest began at the age of nine when he started to take piano lessons. After seven years behind the piano he bought his first synthesizer and started a rock band together with a couple of friends. The years with the rock band resulted in a couple of local live performances and they also participated on a compilation album, which felt more fun and inspiring than the hours that he spent with the piano.

His first contact with spacesynth was back in 1987 when one of his friends played the Laserdance album "Future Generation". Since then, he has played the Laserdance and Proxyon albums frequently on his stereo, which he still does. He became fascinated by Laserdance mostly because of the wonderful atmosphere, melodies, harmonies and the energy in the bassline. He also came in contact with Koto and Hypnosis but he didn't think that they brought the same magic feeling as Proxyon and Laserdance.

In 1991 he bought his first Amiga 500 and started to compose tracker music. Those songs were made just for fun and were never published for the public. The music that were made for computer games and the demo scene at that time has influenced his way to compose spacesynth music. Synthesizer music with lots of details and good melodies and harmonies is something that he priorities, which can be found in many of the songs that were made for the demo scene.

After that, a couple of years followed when he didn't compose almost any music. In 1999 he bought himself a synthesizer and by a coincidence he found the website and got inspired to start composing music in the genre that we nowadays call spacesynth. A couple of songs were published at and after receiving some positive feedback he decided to continue in that direction. In 2005 he joined the team together with Jouni and Lauri which have been a fun and inspiring time. He made his album debute on the compilation album "Contest Traxx" which was a result of a music contest that was held at the website

In these days he is using a quite limited studio that consist mostly of software which suit his needs quite well. The software oriented studio can be started up and shut down very quickly which is something that he likes as this increases the productivity even though the sound can't compare with analogue studio equipment.

At the end of 2007 he started to compose music for Space Sound Records which so far have resulted in a remix on their album "The Return Of Space Raiders" and more songs will follow soon.

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