Ad Nauseam (2)


UK82 hardcore punk band formed 1982 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK, from the remains of two earlier Portsmouth bands (Birth Trauma and The Anihilates). They signed with Flicknife Records and entered Mekon Studios in London to record 1983's Ad Nauseam (2) - Brainstorm EP, which sold over three thousand copies.

Original line-up (1982-84):

Barry Coward - vocals
Keith Salmon (2) - guitar
Steve Taylor (56) - bass
Mick Bonseir - drums

Other members at various times:

Aly - vocals
Mick - guitar
Chris "Turkee" Calloway - drums
Scott Fury - guitar
Brian Barnett - guitar
Barry "Baz" Coombes - bass
Brian "Wheelie" Wheeler - bass
John Haskett - bass

Members:Barry Coward, Keith Salmon (2), Mick Bonseir, Steve Taylor (56)
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