German minimalist pop trio from 1980 to 1985, they gained worldwide reputation for their song 'Da Da Da' which was a hit in more than 30 countries. The group was Stephan Remmler (vocals), Gert 'Kralle' Krawinkel (guitar) and Peter Behrens (drums). They released three albums and one live album (on cassette only, later rereleased on CD).

They regained some fame in 1997 due to 'Da Da Da' being featured in a Volkswagen Jetta commercial called 'Sunday Afternoon'. Mercury rushed out a compilation of tracks to meet the new-found interest in the group.

Odd fact: Peter Behrens, recruited right out of clown school, played drums standing up.


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September 20, 2010
Trio is an sad example like the wish for international success can destroy a realy great band.
The original german release of the selftiteled album is one of the best minimalist Rock'n Roll, (Post)Punk music i ever heard.
The drummer reduced his set to snare and bassdrum, the guitarist removed 2 of 3 pick-ups on his guitar and the singer reduced his lyrics to a few simple phrases with those three-word-refrains which where sung through a "throat microphone".

Since their success with their song "Da da da" they tried to reproduce that catchy simple kind of synth-pop-schlager-music and ended up as a terrible "schlager"or "pop"-band.
Their international release "Trio & Error" is already watered down and sounds dashed off and uninspired and simply awfull.
I strongly recommend the original release of the selftiteled album for people who like music like Devo, B52 or the Ramones.

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