The Jet Blacks


Brazilian instrumental rock group formed in São Paulo, 1961. Formerly "The Vampires", the group changed its name to "The Jet Black's", a reference to the song "Jet Black", by The Shadows. During its career, the band had various formations and achieved relative success in the 1960s performing with well-known Brazilian artists from the "Jovem Guarda" movement such as Celly Campelo, Ronnie Cord (with whom the group recorded "Rua Augusta"), Roberto Carlos, Sérgio Reis among others.
The core members were Orestes Júnior (base guitar), José Provetti, aka Gato (solo guitar), Ernesto Neto (tenor saxophone), Zé Paulo (José Paulo Matrangulo (bass) and Jurandi Trindade (drums).
Members:Edu Marck, Gato (13), José Paulo (3), Jurandi, Mário Lúcio De Freitas, Osvaldo Luis Posi, Zé Paulo (6)
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