The Lady Blacktronika

Real Name:Akua Marcelle Grant

DJ and electronic recording artist, based in Berlin, Germany. Born: 19 November 1975 in San Jose, California, USA.

In 1997, gained her first taste of music production doing vocals on numerous unreleased house tracks, after meeting and working with DJ and friend Mattski. Frustrated with "the boys not letting her play with their toys", she began trying her hand at house music and techno production in 2006, producing Beatdown tracks.

In early 2007, Mike Huckaby discovered her on Myspace, and introduced her to a global audience on a Detroit radio broadcast. She released her first single as part of the "Ocean Species EP (Deep Explorer Sampler Vol.2)" 12-inch shortly afterwards in October 2007 on label Deep Explorer, and continues releasing deep house music accordingly.

Sites:Facebook , Soundcloud
Aliases:Akua Marcelle Grant, AkuaRising, Blaktronix, Cinnamon (17), Cinnaster, Femanyst, Haze n' Adaeze, L. B'tron Hubbard, L4D, Lady B~Noir, Nezdert Graphics, Spencer Brotzman
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