Николай Коперник

Николай Коперник ("Nicolaus Copernicus", also known as Nikolay Kopernik) is a Russian art-rock/new wave/psychedelic/neo-romanticism band from Moscow, founded in 1981 by singer, guitarist and composer Yuri Orlov. The group gained a wide popularity after the release of their debut reel-to-reel album Родина ("Motherland") in 1986. Nicolaus Copernicus became one of the most original and eccentric projects on the Moscow underground rock scene, alongside with such bands as Zvuki Mu and Center. Artists had a chance to rehearse and work with many Western musicians, including Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and Chrissie Hynde. They also played on the same stage with The Sugarcubes at the large rock-festival Lituanika in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The band went on a permanent hiatus in 1993 but was revived by Yuri Orlov in 2000s with a new line-up.

Current line-up (since 2005)

Yuri Orlov – vocals, guitar, synthesizers, magic
Pavel Hotin – synthesizers, electric piano, grand piano
Evgeny Melnikov – bass
Vladislav "Rush" Itskovich – drums, percussion
Alexey Alexeev – guitar
Petr Mikov – guitar