Albert & The Heart Of Gold

This band was put together by Marian Gold as a live alternative to Alphaville, which didn't perform live in the late 80's and early 90's.
They did two concerts, in 1987 and 1991.

Marian Gold describes the band in retrospect:
1991 was a year of transition and estrangement. Bernhard primarily worked as the producer and mastermind of Alphaville‘s Lunapark Studio whereas I wrote and recorded obsessively lots of music for, well, for nobody. And Rick (Ricky Echolette)? It may sound funny but I still don‘t have the slightest idea about what he was doing then. Alphaville as an idea and as a band apparently started to disintegrate.
Our last album „The Breathtaking Blue“ had been a huge effort for all participants to say the least. Bernhard and me had had severe disagreements about our musical direction and only Rick‘s and Klaus Schulze‘s diplomatic skills prevented our breakup during the production of TBB. But wounds had been cut deeply on both sides and it would take years until they‘d heal. My impression back then was that neither Bernhard nor Rick had a pivotal interest in Alphaville and that confused me a lot. Being part of the band meant everything for me, a dream permanently coming true. Without it I felt like I was nothing, a ghost.

All this resulted in the resurrection of Albert & The Heart of Gold, a band that I founded in 1987 mainly for live performances of compositions which weren‘t accepted in the Alphaville universe. I think „Sweet Needles of Success“ describes the way I felt those days pretty precisely.

The 1987-88 line up:
Marian Gold (vocals),
Christian “Flo” Florié (guitar),
Wulf Claussen (Drums),
Stefanie Marcus AKA Steffi Loos (bass / backing vocals),
Julie “Jules” Ocean (keyboards (D-50, Solina, Prophet VS)/ backing vocals),
Rainer Bloss (keyboards (Fairlight))
Gabi Becker (backing vocals )

The 1991 Line up:
Marian Gold (vocals),
Andreas "Blacky" Schwarz-Ruszczynski (Lead guitar),
Tony Nissl (drums),
Stephan Gottwald (keyboards),
Moses Schneider (bass),
Rolando Belli (Rhythm- and Solo Guitar)

Other members:
Dirk (Zöllner?): Drums
Stephanie Colling (maybe the same as Steffi Loos above?): Bass

Listed as "our favourite band" by Alphaville. Albert and the Heart of Gold are credited as the writers of "Lady Bright" on Alphaville - Afternoons In Utopia.

Writing & Arrangement

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AV 9001 Albert & The Heart Of Gold - Dreamscapes album art Alphaville Alphaville - Dreamscapes(Box, Ltd, Num + 8xCD) Navigator Music AV 9001 Germany 1999 Sell This Version