Peter Rauhofer as reviewed by caio.ck1

May 18, 2013
edited over 4 years ago
I confess, now a days I really do not like his tribal and tech houses productions (tooooo much comercial). But I recognize: In the beginning of his career with Mr Eric Kupper, in my opinion that was the real golden era. Productions like saxmachine and 03 first productions by Club 69, they were definitely amazing! Rest in Peace.

Confesso que atualmente suas produções não mais me agradavam (muito tribalhouse do tipo fram fram fram...). Mas reconheço que no início de sua carreira, projetos como os primeiros do club 69 e parcerias com Eric Kupper, renderam muitos clássicos da boa house music. Sem dúvidas teve uma grande importância na cena eletrônica. Que descanse em paz.

Peter Rauhofer Ivo94

May 8, 2013
One of my favourite remixers, his anthems are great! I can't believe he has died so young. Rest in peace, Peter.

Peter Rauhofer funkseeker

May 7, 2013
edited over 2 years ago
Thank you for your music and may you rest in peace!

Peter Rauhofer as reviewed by ledjfab

April 29, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
I first discovered Peter Rauhofer in 1993 with "Unique" (then released under his aliase of Danube Dance) and "Let Me Be Your Underwear". Featuring funny vocals by Kim Cooper, both singles became underground hits. Two years after, Tribal America released the first official Club 69 album, with additional tracks sung by Suzanne Palmer. Another release followed in 1997 ("Style"), confirming the success of this Austrian DJ.
That was the period I liked about him.
After that, it became difficult for me to say I liked everything Mr. Rauhofer was doing. Most of his remixes were just asceptized, commercial Tech/House tracks. No more depth, no more imagination. There were a couple of nice "Club 69 Future Mixes" (Cher, Madonna, Urban Soul...), but overall, I became a lot less interested in his work. He seems to be restricted to use the same formulas, mix after mix, and that becomes wearying at the end. It makes me think: there should be a law against remix cloning...

Peter Rauhofer as reviewed by FeRD

May 20, 2004
I don't know if I agree that Peter's work is particularly "hit-or-miss". (I'd give that label to someone like Victor, who as a live DJ can sometimes be absolutely phenomenal, but sometimes everything just falls apart. Tho his production work lately has been amazing!! ...Please don't kill me, V. <G>) Peter's skill as a DJ and as a remixer isn't to constantly amaze, tho -- his greatness comes in a body of work that's solid overall, punctuated by moments of sheer genius. On Live @ Roxy 1, it was ALL about the journey into and thru "Turn me Over". Live @ Roxy 2? The PHENOMENAL mix from CLimaxx Rated into Robbie's old-sk00l Candi Staton remix. ...And on Live @ Roxy 3? Well, I'm listening now hoping to find the next little bit of Rauhofer genius.

In addition to heading a label that's putting out some really great club music (a lot of it his own!), Peter's grown amazingly as a DJ -- his Roxy residence clearly started a whole new chapter for him. It's amazing to listen to the series and know that it's by the same cheeseball who made "Twist this Pussy" so much fun. :)

Peter Rauhofer as reviewed by ethan

December 15, 2003
Sometimes with Peter's mixes, it is SO hit-or-miss. For example, his work on Funky Green Dogs' "Body" was so derivative - two notes on the keyboard riffs for the whole mix! "Fired Up" was a much more concerted effort than that. But there are times when everything is running on all cylinders for Peter. Cases in point: his work on Karen Ramirez's "Looking For Love", Seal's "Get It Together", and Dangerous Minds' "Live In Unity" among others.