Paul Browse

Real Name:
Paul Browse
Paul Browse's formal introduction to music began in Sheffield, his place of birth, under the private tuition of the controversial Dr. Edward Williams. Dr. Williams' unorthodox theories, teaching methods and systematic self abuse established a certain mental attitude in Browse that would prove invaluable in the years to come.

Browse was a member of Sheffield band The Corridor before, in May 1981, joining Clock DVA and remained a constant member, as well as contributing to The Anti Group recordings and live performances, until relocating to Berlin in 1989.

His final act as a DVAtionist is documented on the album "Buried Dreams".

Since his arrival in Berlin, Browse has co-founded a series of projects, prior to Visions Of Excess, the most notable are: System 01 and Effective Force (with Johnny Klimek), 030 and Holy Language (with Dr. Motte) and Sub-D (with 3 Phase).
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