Håkan Lidbo

Real Name:Nils Johan Håkan Lidbo

Håkan Lidbo, born on July 20, 1965 in Fosie, Malmö, Sweden, has over 30 years of experience as a pop and dance music producer and has more than 350 records in his discography, from techno and house, via pop to obscure sonic experiments. He's also managed the Swedish record labels MNW Dance and Left < > Right Recordings, and did remixes and co-production work with artists like Fatboy Slim, Yello, Depeche Mode, Kool Keith, etc. Currently, he runs Container Recordings and continues to augment his prolific output. , YouTube ,
Aliases:Alvarez De Jesus, Big Spender, Bobby Trafalgar, Data 80, Dirty Harriet, Dredger, Ferdinando Rhytm, Ho Shan-Ling Bu, Jell (2), Libido (3), Libido & The Thin Male Nude, Miss Bombay 1974, Monsoon (4), Royal Flesh, Rupert Pupkin, Solid State (6), The Alpha Male, The Vanisher
In Groups:Artur Gall Band, Audio Objekt, Black Art Orchestra, Quasimodo Jones, Stockholm Decadence, Stocktown & Capetown
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