The Nits

Real Name:Nits

Dutch pop group with a style often described as art pop. Formed in 1974 in Amsterdam.
In 1989, the band name "The Nits" was changed to simply "Nits".

Current band members:

Henk Hofstede – vocals, guitar, keyboards (1974-present)
Rob Kloet – drums, percussion (1974-present)
Robert Jan Stips – keyboards, vocals (1981-1996, 2003-present)

Past band members:

Alex Roelofs – bass (1974-1981)
Michiel Peters – guitar, vocals (1974-1985)
Petra Lugtenburg – backing vocals during recording and live performances, additional keyboards during live performances (1986)
Joke Geraets – bass, backing vocals (1986-1989)
Martin Bakker – bass (1992-1996)
Peter Meuris – percussion, violin (1992-1996)
Laetitia Van Krieken – keyboards, backing vocals (1998-2004)
Arwen Linnemann – bass, backing vocals (1998-2003)

Management & engineering:

Aad Link – manager (1981-1996, 2003-present)
Paul Telman – sound engineer (1974-present)
Tom Telman – light engineer (1977-present)

Relevant Nits subjects:

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Werf Records – record label
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Members:Alex Roelofs, Arwen Linnemann, Henk Hofstede, Joke Geraets, Laetitia Van Krieken, Martin Bakker, Michiel Peters, Peter Meuris, Petra Lugtenburg, Rob Kloet, Robert Jan Stips
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