Alec R. Costandinos

Real Name:Alexandre Garbis Sarkis Kouyoumdjian

Born 1944 in Cairo, Egypt. He was the king of the eurodisco sound in the 1970's. Alec wrote for and produced many disco artists including Love and Kisses, Don Ray, Tony Rallo, Cerrone, Paris Connection, Sphinx, Sumeria and Alan Hawkshaw.

Alec's "solo" albums contain some of the greatest eurodisco tracks of all time. His albums often had a historical or classical theme, the best known of these being "Romeo and Juliet", which was used in the disco movie "Thank God it's Friday" (although it was not on the soundtrack album).

He composed a string of hits for greek singer Demis Roussos in the mid-seventies, among those “Forever and ever”, “My friend the wind” and “Velvet mornings”.

His film scores included Trocadero Lemon Blue, containing the classic "Trocadero suite" and the brilliant "Grooves (introduction)". The film is based around kid's roller skating life in Paris in the 1970's.

"The Hunchback of Notre Dame" follows in the footsteps of "Romeo & Juliet". These bouncy basslines and thumping disco beats are Alec's trademark; for an example, listen to the introduction to "Winds of change". This was another film score he did for an obscure feature-length animation.

Most of Alec's albums were recorded in the Trident studios in London, and featured background vocals by the Birds of Paris.

Aliases:A. Leykaki, Alexandre Kouyoumdjian, Alvin Nash (2), J. Extellus, Mike Henson, Milton Di Sao Paulo, Paris Connection, PierFrancesco Damiano, Robert Rupen, Rudy Stone, Saturne Ea 1
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