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This is a catchall artist page for credits that are listed as 'Anonymous' on a release, when the identity of the author is left hidden or unidentified for some reason. 'Anonymous' (also often abbreviated to 'Anon' or 'Anon.') is sometimes used as a pseudonym for artists who don't wish to have their true identities in the open. Anonymous is typically used in classical music & folk to note a composition where the writer wasn't mentioned and is not known until today, often accompanied by a classical style period, a century or (approximate) date, a location (country, city, ...), or the source of the work (typically a book collecting songs or composition).
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?, ?????, ...X, ' ', 'Chanson De Toile' Anonym Of The XIIth Century, Langue D'Oil, "Cambrai" (Mode iii), "Chasses" Anonymes de L´Ars Nova, "Christ ist entstanden" c. 1090, "Danserye", Nederland 16C, "Des Knaben Wunderhorn", "Eene Zeer Kundige Hand", "Lysagóra Songs" Collection, 15th Century, »Des Knaben Wunderhorn«, (?), (Francesco Landini?), (Karadeniz) Anonim, (Mode 5), (Mode 7), (Mode 8), [From] Book Of Psalms, [The content of this post has been removed for violating UN hate speech regulations], ***, /a/, /b/, /c/, /d/, /e/, /f/, /g/, /v/, , +++, 10th Century, 10th-century MS, 13th Century, 13th Century Anon, 13th Century Anon., 14th C. Italian, 14th C. Spain, 14th Cen. English, 14th Century, 1540, 15th Century, 15th Century Anon., 15th Century English, 15th-cent. English, 16. Jahrh., 16. Jahrhundert, 16th Century, 16th Century Anon., 17th Century Carol, 18th Cent. Anon, 18th Century Anon., 19th C. American Anon., 7th Grade Students upon request of the Composer, a, A bunch of Anons, A bunch of femanons, A Different Anonymous, A fucking idiot, a Fuckload of Anons, A Guy Who Wants To By Anonymous, A Lot Of Drunks, a lot of manchildren, A Studio Crowd, A. A., A. Non, A.S.D., Aanon, Abbildung Des David Aus Einer Mittelalterlichen Handschrift, actual autism, Ahrweil Antiphoner, Ahrweil Antiphoner (13th C.), Alejandría?, Algerías, All the anons in one crampy room, wearing Homestuck cosplay and eating knock-off brand Hot Pockets, Allegedly Jack The Ripper, Allspel På Spelmansstämman i Wadköping Sommaren 1977, Altböhmisches Weihnachtslied, Alte Engl. Lautenmelodie, Anonym, Altes Gedicht, Ambrosianischer Lobgesang Wiener Katholisches Gesangbuch Der Maria Theresia, American Trappistine Nun, an anonymous & remote plunderphile, An Anonymous Englishman Of The 17th Century, An Anonymous Flute Wielder, An Anonymous Group Of Students From Gaza, An., An. (XIII), An. (XIV), anaonym, Ancient Irish Melody, Andernacher Gesangbuch 1608, Anglo Saxon Chronicle, Annon., Annonymous, Anó, Anom, Anomino, Anomino S. XVI, Anon, Anon ., Anon (?), Anon (13th c. France), Anon (13th c. Spain), Anon (13th-century), Anon (14th-century), Anon (15th c. France), Anon (15th Century), Anon (16th c.), Anon (16th Century), Anon (1700t), Anon (19th Century), Anon (c.12th-13th Century), Anon (English 13th Century), Anon (fifteenth century), Anon (French Thirteenth Century), Anon (Late 17th Cent.), Anon (Old Poem), Anon & Co, Anon & Frens, Anon 13th Century, Anon 15th Century Words, anon 16th century, Anon 16th Century English, Anon 2, Anon c. 1325, Anon c. 1560, Anon English, Anon Francese Del XIII° Secolo, Anon French, Anon French 13th Century, Anon ft. The Vidya House Banned, Anon ft. the Voice Cast of DW3, Anon Italian 16c, Anon Italy 16c, Anon Medieval, Anon Sec. XV, Anon Sec. XVI, Anon Sec. XVIII, Anon-Italy, Anon,, Anon, 13e Eeuw, Anon, 16th C., Anon, c.1650, Anon, Poem (15th Century), Anon., Anon. - Faryfax Manuscript, Anon. (12th Century), Anon. (13th Cent.), Anon. (13th Century), Anon. (13th-18th Cent.), Anon. (14th Cent.), Anon. (14th Century), Anon. (15th c.), Anon. (15th Cent.), Anon. (15th Century), Anon. (16C. England), Anon. (c. 1400), Anon. (c.1420), Anon. (Early 15th c.), Anon. (Early 16th c.), Anon. (Ecole De N.Dame), XIII.c, Anon. (Fifteenth Century), Anon. (Late 14th c.), Anon. (Late 15th c.), Anon. (Late 15th Century), Anon. (Mid-15th C.), Anon. (Monastery Of Saint Joan De Les Abadesses), Anon. (School Of Notre Dame De Paris, 13th Century), Anon. (Scottish), Anon. (Spanish 17th C.), Anon. (XIII.c), Anon. (XIV c.), Anon. (XIV.c), Anon. [Ecole de N. Dame], Anon. [French Traditional], Anon. [Plainsong, mode III), Anon. / Morlaye, Anon. / Uppsala, Anon. ± 1310, Anon. 11th Century, Anon. 12th Century, Anon. 12th Century Picard, Anon. 13th Cent., Anon. 13th Century, Anon. 14e Eeuw, Anon. 14th Cent., Anon. 14th Century, Anon. 15°, Anon. 1517, Anon. 1556, Anon. 15c., Anon. 15c. Italian, Anon. 15e Eeuw, Anon. 15th Cent., Anon. 15th Century, Anon. 15th. c., Anon. 16°, Anon. 1611, Anon. 16th C., Anon. 16th Cent. Italy, Anon. 16th Century, Anon. 16th-C. Scottish, Anon. 16th-Century English, Anon. 16th/17th Century, Anon. 17. Jahrhundert, Anon. 17° S., Anon. 1700-l, Anon. 17th cent., Anon. 17th Century, Anon. 18th Cent. Saxor, Anon. 18th century, anon. 1917, Anon. 2nd Century A.D., Anon. 8th Cent. Saxon, Anon. Alicante, Anon. American, Anon. Angleterre, Anon. Apuglia, Anon. Berbère, Anon. c. 1500, Anon. c. End Of 18th Century, Anon. c. End Of 19th Century, Anon. c.1400, Anon. c.1500, Anon. c.1820, Anon. c.1830, Anon. Catalogne, Anon. Chorus, Anon. Dutch, Anon. Early 16th Century, Anon. Engl., Anon. English, Anon. English 15th Century, Anon. English 16th Cent., Anon. English C.1270, Anon. English XIII Century, Anon. English XIV Century, Anon. English, c. 1420, Anon. XVI° Sec., Anon. Fiorentino Del XIII° Secolo, Anon. Francese Del XIII° Secolo, Anon. French (c. 1090), Anon. French 13th Century, Anon. French Before 1316, Anon. French Canadian, Anon. French XIII Century, Anon. French, 13th Century, Anon. German, Anon. German c.1394, Anon. Germany 13th Century, Anon. Grèce, Anon. Group, Anon. Hungarian, Anon. Irish, 12th Century, Anon. Israël, Anon. Italia, Anon. Italian, Anon. Italian 14th Century, Anon. Italiano Del XIV° Secolo, Anon. Italy, Anon. Italy 12th / 13th Century, Anon. Italy 14th Century, Anon. Italy, 14th Century, Anon. Khéne, Anon. Medieval, Anon. Minstrels, Anon. Mirecourt, Anon. Popolare, Anon. Portugal, Anon. Provençal, 12th Century, Anon. Provenzale Del XIII° Secolo, Anon. Regensburg, anon. Sammlung Ali Ufki 17. Jh, Anon. Scottish, Anon. Scottish C.1250, Anon. Sec. XVII, Anon. Séfarade, Anon. Simancas M.S., Anon. Spanish, Anon. Spanish 16th Century, Anon. Troubadour, Anon. Worcester MS 13th Century, Anon. XII°, Anon. XIII°, Anon. XV°, Anon. XV° Sec., Anon. XVI° Sec., Anon. XVII Century, Anon., "Cancionero De Upsala" Spain 16C, anon., 12th century, Anon., 13th Cent., Anon., 14th Cent., Anon., 14th Century, Anon., 14thC English, Anon., 15th Cent., Anon., 15th Century, Anon., 1782, Anon., 18th Century, anon., 1915-17, Anon., c. 1400, anon., c. 700, Anon., c1310, Anon., Cuba, Anon., Elizabethan, Anon., English, 13th Century, Anon., France 13C, Anon., France 13C "Troubadour", Anon., French, 12th Century, Anon., French, 13th Century, Anon., French, 15th Century, Anon., Italy 14C, Anon., New Hampshire 1784, Anon., Spain 16C, Anon., Spanish, 13th Century, Anon., Spanish, 15th Century, Anon., Swedish Melody, Anon.,Italian, 16th Century, Anon(s?), Anoniem, Anoniem (15e Eeuw), Anoniem (16e Eeuw), Anoniem (Spanje), Anoniem 14e Eeuw Italië, Anoniem Kindervers, Anonim, Anonim (Elazığ Yöresi), Anonim (I Pol. XVII W.), Anonim (Josquin?), Anonim (Kerkük), Anonim (XVI. Jh.), Anonim (XVI), Anonim (XVII), Anonim / Giresun, Anonim / Maçka - Trabzon, Anonim / Rize, Anonim / Trabzon, Anonim / Trabzon - Tonya, Anonim Ca. 1430, Anònim Del Segle XIX, Anonim din sec. XVI (Antwerpen, 1551), Anonim İçel Silifke-Mut, Anonim Polish ca. 15th c., Anonim Polish ca. 16th c., Anonim polski, Anonim Polski (1759), Anònim S. XVI, Anònim S. XVIII, Anonim sec. XVI, Anonim Segle XIX, Anonim spaniol (sec. XV), Anonim Türkü, Anonim XIIe S., Anonim XIII, Anonim XIII W., Anonim XIV w., Anonim XIX W., Anonim XVI W., Anonim XVII w., Anonim Z VIII W., Anonim z XII w., Anonim z XIII w., Anonim z XVI w., Anonim-Rumeli Türküsü, Anonim, S. XII, Anónim, s. XVI, Anónima, Anonima Del XVII Sec., Anonima Espanola, Anonimas (XVI Amž.), Anonimas (XVII a.), Anònime, Anonimi, Anonimi Cividalesi, Anonimi Del Sec. XIII, Anonimni Autor, Anonimni Autor / Anonymous Author, Anonimo, Anonimo - Siglio XIV, Anonimo - Siglio XV, Anonimo - Siglio XVI, Anónimo - Siglo XVII, Anónimo (1562-1635), Anónimo (1717), Anónimo (Andalucía), Anónimo (c. 1850), Anónimo (ca. 1510, Catedral de Burgos, Sillería Del Coro), Anónimo (China), Anónimo (CMM 4), Anónimo (CMP 106), Anónimo (CMP 109), Anónimo (CMP 113), Anónimo (CMP 121), Anónimo (CMS 8), Anonimo (Fine Del Sec. XV - Inizio Sec. X), Anonimo (Fine Del Sec. XV - Inizio Sec. XVI), Anonimo (Fine Sec. XV - Inizio Sec. XVI), Anônimo (França - Sec. XII), Anónimo (Improv.), Anônimo (Itália - Sec. XIV), Anónimo (Perú), Anónimo (s. XVI), Anónimo (s. XVII), Anonimo (Sec. XIII), Anonimo (Seconda Metà Del Sec. XVI), Anónimo (Século XVI), Anónimo (Sefardí), Anónimo (Siglo XIV), Anonimo (Siglo XVIII), Anónimo (Turquía), Anonimo (XIII sec.), Anonimo (XIX Secolo), Anonimo (XVII Secolo), Anonimo (XVII° Secolo), Anonimo (XVIII sec.), Anonimo Boemo, Anónimo Canario, Anónimo Castellano, Anónimo Catalán, Anónimo Chileno, Anonimo Cinese, Anônimo Da Bahia, Anonimo Da Firenze, Anonimo Da Lucca, Anonimo Da Pisa, Anonimo Da Pistoia, Anónimo De San Juan Ixcoi, Anonimo Del '500 (Campania), Anonimo Del '700, Anonimo Del 700, Anónimo del Perú, Anonimo Del Sec. XV, Anonimo Del Sec. XVI, Anonimo Del Sec. XVIII, Anonimo Del Secolo XIV, Anónimo Del Siglo XV, Anonimo Del XV Secolo, Anonimo Del XVI Secolo, Anonimo Del XVII Secolo, Anonimo Di Bucarest, Anonimo Di Madrid, Anonimo Di Netro Sec. XIX, Anónimo Do Sec. XVIII, Anônimo Do Século 18, Anónimo Ecuatoriano, Anonimo Eskimala, Anonimo espagnol, Anónimo Español, Anónimo Francés, Anonimo Francese, Anonimo francese (XIII Secolo), Anónimo Ínglés, Anonimo Inglese, Anonimo Italiano, Anonimo Italiano (XIV Secolo), Anónimo Italiano del Siglo XIII, Anonimo Mantovano, Anónimo Manuscrito Mont-pellier, Anonimo Modenese, Anónimo Morisco, Anonimo Napoletano, Anonimo Napoletano '700, Anonimo Napoletano Del 700, Anonimo Napoletano Del XVII Sec., Anonimo Olandese, Anónimo Pastoril, Anonimo Popolare, Anonimo Popolare (Basilicata/Puglia), Anonimo Popolare (Corsica), Anonimo Popolare (Puglia), Anonimo Popolare (Sicilia), Anónimo Popular, Anónimo Popular México, Anónimo Provenzal, Anónimo Quechua, Anonimo Romagnolo, Anónimo S. XVI, Anónimo S. XVIII, Anonimo S.XVI, Anonimo Sec. XV, Anonimo sec. XVI, Anonimo Sec. XVII, Anonimo Sec. XVIII, Anónimo Sefardí, Anònimo Segle XIX, Anónimo Siglo XIII, Anónimo Siglo XIIV, Anónimo Siglo XIX, Anónimo Siglo XV, Anónimo Siglo XV Español, Anónimo Siglo XVII, Anonimo Spagnolo (Sec. XVII), Anonimo Trentino, Anónimo Ukraniano, Anonimo Veneziano, Anónimo Venezolano, Anónimo Versión Siglo XVII-XVIII, Anonimo Vietnamita, Anonimo XII Sec., Anonimo XIII Sec., Anonimo XIV Sec., Anonimo XV Sec, Anonimo XV Sec., Anonimo XV Secolo, Anonimo XVI Secolo, Anonimo-Popolare, Anónimo, Códice De Las Huelgas, F. 160, Anonimo, Lezione Della Collina Torinese, Anonimo, Lezione Di Cuneo, Anónimo, S. XII, Anónimo, S. XIII, Anónimo, S. XIV, Anónimo, s. XV, Anónimo, S. XVI, Anónimo. Cancionero de Upsala, Anónimos, Anonimous, Anonimous (XVI Sec.), Anonimous Author, Anonimous XIV Century, Anonimowa Monodia Polska z. XIII w., Anonimowy Truwer, Anonimus, Anonimus (1759-?), Anonimus (Andalucía), Anonimus (CM Calabria), Anonimus (CMP), Anonimus (Italija, Kraj 18. St.), Anonimus (País Vasco), Anonimus (XV St.), Anonimus (XVI St.), Anonimus (XVI-XVII. W.), Anonimus (XVII St.), Anonimus 14. St., Anonimus 16. St., Anonimus Córdoba (S. X), Anonimus Eng. (XVI), Anonimus It. (XVI), Anonimus Sefardi, Anonimus Šp. (XVII), Anonimus, 18. St., Hrvatska, Anonimus, Dubrovnik, 18-19. St., Anonimus, Klanjec, 18. St., Anonimus, Korčula, 18-19. St., Anonnyme, anons, Anons From Around the World, Anonumous XVII Jhdt., Anonumus, Anonüüm (P. Phalѐse'i Tabulatuurist 1570. A.), Anonüüm (XVI Saj.), Anony., Anonym, Anonym ( Um 1480 ), Anonym ( Um 1550 ), Anonym (1. Hälfte 16. Jh.), Anonym (13. Jh.), Anonym (14, Jahrhundert), Anonym (14. Jh.), anonym (14. Jhd.), Anonym (14.Jh.), Anonym (16. Jh.), Anonym (16th Century), Anonym (17.Jahrhundert), Anonym (18. Jahrhundert), Anonym (18th Century), Anonym (France, 14th Century), Anonym (L. Mozart, Notenb.), Anonym (um 1500), Anonym 14. Jhdt., Anonym 16. Jahrh., Anonym 16. Jh., Anonym 16. Jhdt., Anonym 17. Jahrh., Anonym 1846, Anonym åländsk folkvisa, Anonym Aus "Dlugoraij", Anonym Aus Böhmen, Anonym český, Anonym Du XVIe Siècle, Anonym Englisch, Anonym finsk folkvisa, Anonym författare, Anonym Of The XIIth Century, Langue D'Oil, Anonym Översättare, Anonym Siglio XVII, Anonym Spanien, Anonym svensk folkmelodi, Anonym svensk folkvisa, Anonym Svensk Frelsesoffiser, Anonym um 1200, Anonym um 1240, Anonym um 1325, Anonym um 1400, Anonym um 1530, Anonym Vor 1643, Anonym XVII, Anonym Z Konzervatória, anonym, 13 Jh., Anonym, 14. Jhdt., anonym, 15. Jahrhundert, Anonym, 15th Century, Anonym, 18. Jh., anonym, Carmina Burana, 12./13. Jh., anonym, Carmina Burana, 13. Jh., Anonym, Dubrovnik (18. v / 18th c.), Anonym, England, Anonym, Hvar (16. v / 16th c.), anonym, Nordfrankreich, 1189 (?), anonym, Nordfrankreich, 13. Jh., anonym, Südfrankreich, Ende 12. Jh., Anonym: Codex Reina, Anonym: Ms. Lo., BM 29987, Anonym: Sammlung Ali Ufki, Anonym., Anonym/15. Jhd., Anonyme, Anonyme - (A.M. Chiquitos, Bolivie), Anonyme - (S.S.A. Cuzco, Pérou), Anonyme - instrumental, Anonyme (11éme Siècle), Anonyme (12éme Siècle), Anonyme (1490), Anonyme (16e Siècle), Anonyme (17e Siècle), Anonyme (17éme Siècle), Anonyme (18e Siècle), Anonyme (Ancien), Anonyme (Attaingnant, 1531), Anonyme (Attaingnant), Anonyme (Bohème, 15ème Siècle), Anonyme (Bolivie), Anonyme (ca. 1580), Anonyme (ca. 1600), Anonyme (ca. 1640), Anonyme (chanson de trouvère du XIIè siècle), Anonyme (Circa 1580), Anonyme (Coll. Flores de Música), Anonyme (Coll. Truxillo del Perú II, c. 1780), Anonyme (Collection Flores de Música, 1706 - 1709), Anonyme (Cusco), Anonyme (Einsiedeln), Anonyme (Espagne XVIe), Anonyme (Fin XVe Siècle), Anonyme (Fin XVIe Siècle), Anonyme (Mss. Dimitrie Cantemir N. 220, Ca. 1690), Anonyme (Napoli ca. 1450), Anonyme (Perú, 1631), Anonyme (Sefardí), Anonyme (vers 1840), Anonyme (XIVe), Anonyme (XVe S.), Anonyme (XVe), Anonyme (XVI° Siècle), Anonyme (XVIe Siècle), Anonyme (Zurich), Anonyme [Fin XIIe S.], Anonyme 12ème Siècle, Anonyme 13e Siècle, Anonyme 14e Siècle, Anonyme 1520, Anonyme 1534, Anonyme 15è Siècle, Anonyme 15ème Siècle, Anonyme 1602, Anonyme 1631, Anonyme 16e Siècle, Anonyme 1703, Anonyme 1709, Anonyme 1725, Anonyme 17e, Anonyme 17e Siècle, Anonyme 18e Siècle, Anonyme Allemand, Anonyme Allemand (1593), Anonyme Allemand XVe Siècle, Anonyme Andalou, Anonyme Anglais, Anonyme Anglais (XVIe Siècle), Anonyme Anglais (XVIéme Siecle), Anonyme Anglais 17e, Anonyme Anglais Du XVIe Siècle, Anonyme Anglais, XVIe S., Anonyme Breton, Anonyme C13, Anonyme C13-14, Anonyme C17, Anonyme Catalan, Anonyme Chant Gregorien, Anonyme Chilien, Anonyme De Kromeiris (XVth Siecle), Anonyme De Kromeris ( Siglo XV ), Anonyme De Kromeris (XVe S.), Anonyme De San Antonio Abad, Anonyme Du 16iéme, Anonyme Du 17e S, Anonyme Du 17iéme, Anonyme Du 2ème Siècle, Anonyme Du XIIe S., Anonyme du XIVe Siècle, Anonyme Du XVe, Anonyme Du XVe S., Anonyme Du XVe Siècle, Anonyme Du XVI Siècle, Anonyme du XVI˚ siècle, Anonyme Du XVI. s., Anonyme Du XVIe, Anonyme Du XVIè Siècle, Anonyme Du XVIIe, Anonyme du XVIII˚ siècle, Anonyme Du XVIIIe Siècle, Anonyme Écossais, Anonyme Elisabéthaine, Anonyme Env. 1300, Anonyme Espagnol, Anonyme Espagnol (1557), Anonyme Finlandais, Anonyme Français, Anonyme Francais (XIIIe Siecle), Anonyme français du XVIIIème siècle, Anonyme Hispano-Mauresque, Anonyme Irlandais, Anonyme Itailien (14ème Siècle), Anonyme Italia, Anonyme Italien, Anonyme Italien (XIVe Siecle), Anonyme Italien, XVIe S., Anonyme italien, XVIIe s., Anonyme Komponisten des 16. Jahrhunderts, Anonyme Mss. Venezia, Anonyme Ottoman, Anonyme Paris XVe S., Anonyme Populaire, Anonyme Provençal, Anonyme Provençal Début XVIe S., Anonyme S.Xv, Anonyme Sépharade (Smyrne, XVIe Siècle), Anonyme Shépharade (Smyrne, XVIe Siècle), Anonyme Solo-Trompete, Anonyme Tabulatur Aus Dem 16. Jahrhundert, Anonyme Vorlage, Anonyme XIIe, Anonyme XIIe s., Anonyme XIIe Siècle, Anonyme XIIIe, Anonyme XIIIe S., Anonyme XVe, Anonyme XVe S., Anonyme XVè Siècle, Anonyme XVème Siècle, Anonyme XVIᵉ, Anonyme XVIe s., Anonyme XVIe Siècle, Anonyme XVIIe, Anonyme XVIIe S., Anonyme XVIIe Siècle, Anonyme XXe Siècle, Anonyme XXIIe Siècle, Anonyme, 13ème, Anonyme, 13ème siècle, Anonyme, Angleterre XVIè siècle, Anonyme, Catalan, 12ème siècle, Anonyme, Début XVlIIe S., Anonyme, Fin Du XVIe Siècle, Anonyme, Fin XVIIe S., Anonyme, Naples, Anonyme, V. 1350, Anonyme, V. 1620, Anonyme, XIIIe Siècle, Anonyme, XVe Siècle, Anonyme, XVIe S., Anonyme, XVIIe S., Anonyme, XVIIIe Siècle, Anonyme/Anonymous 13ème siècle, Anonyme/anonymous, 12ème siècle, Anonyme/Anonymous, 13ème siècle, Anonyme/anonymous, ca. 1200, Anonymer Dichter, Anonymes, Anonymes Avignonnais XVIe S., Anonymes Catalans, Anonymes des XIVe et XVe siècles, Anonymes Du 17e Siècle, Anonymes du XIVe siècle, Anonymes du XVe siècle, Anonymes Du XVème Siècle, Anonymes du XVI˚ siècle, Anonymes Du XVIè Siècle, Anonymes Espagnols, Anonymes, 16th Cent., Anonymi, Anonymi (din Thomas Simpson: "Taffel Consort", 1621), Anonymní, Anonymní Duo, Anonymos, Anónymos Populares, Anonymous - Foundling Hospital Collection, Anonymous ("H"), Anonymous (13th cent.), Anonymous (13th Century), Anonymous (14th C.), Anonymous (14th cent.), Anonymous (14th century), Anonymous (14th-Century English), Anonymous (1517), Anonymous (1591), Anonymous (15th C.), Anonymous (15th cent.), Anonymous (15th Century), Anonymous (16 JH.), Anonymous (16.Jh.), Anonymous (16th c.), Anonymous (16th Century, Italy), Anonymous (16th Century), Anonymous (1706), Anonymous (1709), Anonymous (17th c. English), Anonymous (17th C.), Anonymous (17th Century), Anonymous (18. Jahrhundert), Anonymous (18th C.), Anonymous (18th-Century), Anonymous (19th C.), Anonymous (1st half XVIth c.), Anonymous (9th Century), Anonymous (After Hans Gerle), Anonymous (After: Gerle 1532/2), Anonymous (Attaingnant, 1531), Anonymous (Attributed to Johann Kuhnau), Anonymous (Bolivia), Anonymous (Bulgarie), Anonymous (Burgos, 14th Century), Anonymous (c 15), Anonymous (c. 1684), Anonymous (Ca 1420), Anonymous (Ca 1520), Anonymous (ca. 1400), Anonymous (ca. 1450), Anonymous (Ca. 1470), Anonymous (ca. 1500), Anonymous (Ca. 1550), Anonymous (Cambodia), Anonymous (Camphuysen Manuscript), Anonymous (Cancionero de Upsala), Anonymous (doing LICH KING), Anonymous (Dresden, ca. 1760), Anonymous (Early 16th Century), Anonymous (Early Seventeenth Century), Anonymous (Early XVIth Century), Anonymous (Early-16th Century), Anonymous (End Of 17th Century), Anonymous (Espagne), Anonymous (Exodus), Anonymous (Faenza Codex: After Jacopo Da Bologna), Anonymous (Faenza Codex), Anonymous (Germany/USA, ca. 1785), Anonymous (Greacus), Anonymous (Grèce), Anonymous (Gregorian), Anonymous (Israël), Anonymous (Italian 14th Century), Anonymous (Late 16th Century), Anonymous (Lembeek, 19th C.), Anonymous (Lisbon, ca. 1770), Anonymous (Maroc), Anonymous (mid 16th Century), Anonymous (Morales?), Anonymous (P.D.), Anonymous (Plainchant), Anonymous (Provence), Anonymous (Quebec, ca. 1700), Anonymous (Renaissance), Anonymous (sec. XV), Anonymous (Seventh Century), Anonymous (Spanien, 17 .Jh.), Anonymous (Spanish Folk Music), Anonymous (Spanish), Anonymous (Susanne van Soldt Clavier Book), Anonymous (The Division Flute), Anonymous (trad. English), Anonymous (trad. German), Anonymous (Traditional), Anonymous (Turquie), Anonymous (Uncredited), Anonymous (Vienna, ca. 1800), Anonymous (Vietoris Codex Late 17th Century), Anonymous (VXIe), Anonymous (W. A. Mozart?), Anonymous (XIII S.), Anonymous (XIII), Anonymous (XIV S.), Anonymous (XV / XVI Cen.), Anonymous (XV S.), Anonymous (XVI C.), Anonymous (XVI S.), Anonymous (XVII C.), Anonymous (XVII Jh.), Anonymous [17th Century], Anonymous [Burgundy], Anonymous [Cancionero De Palacio], Anonymous [Codex Faenza], Anonymous [England], Anonymous [Estampie Italienne], Anonymous [France], Anonymous [From Seixas's School], Anonymous [German Or Polish From Breslau, Ca. 1620], Anonymous [Italy], Anonymous [Le Cabinet Satyrique], Anonymous [Le Nouveau Parnasse], Anonymous [Lettisches Volkslied / Latvian Folksong], Anonymous [Spain], Anonymous [The Wakefield Master], Anonymous [Wiener], Anonymous {France], Anonymous {Italy], Anonymous • Italian 14th Century, Anonymous 12. Jhd., Anonymous 13th century, Anonymous 14th Century French, Anonymous 14th Century Italian, Anonymous 14th Century Italian Composer, Anonymous 15th Century, Anonymous 15th Century Composer, Anonymous 15th- And 16th-Century English Verse, Anonymous 16. Century, Anonymous 1648, Anonymous 16th Century, Anonymous 17th Century, Anonymous 17th Century Pub. 1700, Anonymous 20th Century, Anonymous 5400221, Anonymous 5467468, Anonymous 5479563, Anonymous Adaption Of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Anonymous Andalousian Song, Anonymous Arab-Andalusian, Anonymous Arab-Andelusian, Anonymous Author, Anonymous Author Of The 14th Century, Anonymous Authors, Anonymous Authors Of The 18th Century, Anonymous British, Anonymous Bulgarian 13th Century, Anonymous Caller, Anonymous Cantonese Man, Anonymous Chinese, Anonymous Concerned Citizen, London, Anonymous Des 16. 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Századi Népének, XXX, xxx Trad, xxx Trad., XXXX, Y, Y.O., You, You Know Who You Are, Yozgat Türküsü, Yunan Anonim, Yunan Halk Şarkısı, Z, Zajal, Anonymous (15th Century), Ανώνυμο, Ανώνυμος, Ανωνύμου, Ανωνύμου Του 19ου Αιώνα, Χορωδία, Автор Неизв., Автор неизвестен, Аноним, Аноним (XVI В.), Аноним XIV Века, Анонимен Автор, Анонимни Аутор, Анонимный Автор, Анонимус, Анонимус, 14. Век, Кант XVIII в. (Автор Неизв.), Неизв., Неизв. Автор, Неизв. Автор. Libre Vermell, 1399, Неизв. Автор. XIII в., Неизв. Автор. XV в., Неизв. Автор. Испания, XIV в., Неизв. Автор. Италия, XIV в., Неизв. поэт, Неизв.(XIX в), Неизвестен, Неизвестная Девушка, Неизвестные Авторы (XVI—XVII Вв.), Неизвестный Автор, Неизвестный Автор (XVI В.), Неизвестный Автор (XVII В.), Неизвестный Автор (XVIII В.), Неизвестный Автор XVI В., Неизвестный Автор XVI Века, Непознати Аутор, Непознати Мелод, Несколько Десятков Моих Талантливых Замечательных Друзей, Несколько Десятков Талантливых Замечательных Людей, אלמוני (טייס קרבי), אנונימי, سراينده ناشناس, شعر المقاومة, ناشناس, ناشناش, نشناس, نشناش, オーケストラ, カールスタッド, ジャズバンド, 七三聯隊 喇叭手, 不詳, , 佚名, 作曲者不詳, 作者不明, 作者不詳, 全員, 合唱入り, 囃子入り, 地元はやし連中, 地元有志, 外国曲, 楽団, 男女性ヴォーカル・グループ, 男聲齊唱, 軍樂隊, 鳴物連中, 외국 [Foreign], 집체


14018 Anonymous - Le Jeu De Robin Et Marion - 13 Rondeaux / 17 Danses Du 13e Et 14e Siècle  album art Adam De La Halle / Anonymi* - Pro Musica Antiqua, Safford Cape Adam De La Halle / Anonymi* - Pro Musica Antiqua, Safford Cape - Le Jeu De Robin Et Marion - 13 Rondeaux / 17 Danses Du 13e Et 14e Siècle Archiv Produktion 14018 Germany 1953 Sell This Version
14 032 APM Anonymous - 9 Chansons / 16 Danserye album art Anonymi* / Tielman Susato - Pro Musica Antiqua, Brüssel*, Safford Cape Anonymi* / Tielman Susato - Pro Musica Antiqua, Brüssel*, Safford Cape - 9 Chansons / 16 Danserye Archiv Produktion 14 032 APM Germany 1955 Sell This Version
ARC 3033, 14 512 APM Anonymous - 9 Lieder / Lieder And Spielstücke From The Glogauer Liederbuch album art Oswald von Wolkenstein / Anonymi* Oswald von Wolkenstein / Anonymi* - 9 Lieder / Lieder And Spielstücke From The Glogauer Liederbuch(LP, Mono) Archive Production, Archive Production ARC 3033, 14 512 APM US 1956 Sell This Version
AMS 5009 Anonymous - Musik An Notre Dame In Paris Um 1200 album art Pérotin - Anonymous, Deller Consort Pérotin - Anonymous, Deller Consort - Musik An Notre Dame In Paris Um 1200 Lumen AMS 5009 Germany 1960 Sell This Version
AMS 5010 Anonymous - Musik An Notre Dame In Paris Um 1200 / Sederunt Principes album art Pérotin, Anonymous, Deller Consort Pérotin, Anonymous, Deller Consort - Musik An Notre Dame In Paris Um 1200 / Sederunt Principes Harmonia Mundi AMS 5010 Germany 1961 Sell This Version
TC 1032 Anonymous - The Second Shepherds' Play album art Anonymous [The Wakefield Master]* The Second Shepherds' Play Caedmon Records TC 1032 US 1962 Sell This Version
CL 1963 Anonymous - Brandenburg Gate: Revisited album art The Dave Brubeck Quartet With Orchestra* The Dave Brubeck Quartet With Orchestra* - Brandenburg Gate: Revisited(LP, Mono, Ter) Columbia CL 1963 US 1963 Sell This Version
SAWT 9517-A Anonymous - Missa Tournai • Motets circa 1320 album art AnonymousPhilippe de Vitry - Capella Antiqua München, Konrad Ruhland AnonymousPhilippe de Vitry - Capella Antiqua München, Konrad Ruhland - Missa Tournai • Motets circa 1320 Telefunken SAWT 9517-A Germany 1967 Sell This Version
LLST 7237 Anonymous - Missa Ecce Ancilla / Missa Sanctisimae Trinitatis / Benedicamus Domino album art Johannes Ockeghem / Anonymous / Guillaume Dufay - Capella Cordina, Alejandro Planchart Johannes Ockeghem / Anonymous / Guillaume Dufay - Capella Cordina, Alejandro Planchart - Missa Ecce Ancilla / Missa Sanctisimae Trinitatis / Benedicamus Domino(LP) Lyrichord LLST 7237 US 1970 Sell This Version
SFL 14133, SFL.14133, 700 444 WGY Anonymous - Notre Dame De Paris In The 13th Century album art Vocal And Instrumental Ensemble*, Thurston Dart Vocal And Instrumental Ensemble*, Thurston Dart - Notre Dame De Paris In The 13th Century(LP) Fontana, Fontana, Fontana SFL 14133, SFL.14133, 700 444 WGY UK 1970 Sell This Version
1 C 063-28 967 Anonymous - Altfranzösische Orgelmusik album art Jean Adam Guilain, Anonymous, André Raison, Paul Bernard Jean Adam Guilain, Anonymous, André Raison, Paul Bernard - Altfranzösische Orgelmusik(LP, Album) EMI Electrola 1 C 063-28 967 Germany 1974 Sell This Version
LP-2 Anonymous - Musica Intima (Sakral Och Profan Music, Barnvisor) album art Pierre Certon, Guillaume Morlaye, Anonymus*, Guillaume de Machaut, Guillaume Dufay, Franz Burkhart, Lennart Lundén, Felicitas Kukuck, Solveig Faringer, Clas Pehrsson, Jörgen Rörby Pierre Certon, Guillaume Morlaye, Anonymus*, Guillaume de Machaut, Guillaume Dufay, Franz Burkhart, Lennart Lundén, Felicitas Kukuck, Solveig Faringer, Clas Pehrsson, Jörgen Rörby - Musica Intima (Sakral Och Profan Music, Barnvisor)(LP, Gat) BIS LP-2 Sweden 1974 Sell This Version
25 22065-6 Anonymous - Musik Der Tudor-Zeit : Messen Und Motetten album art Pro Cantione Antiqua, John Taverner, John Sheppard, Anonymous, Bruno Turner Pro Cantione Antiqua, John Taverner, John Sheppard, Anonymous, Bruno Turner - Musik Der Tudor-Zeit : Messen Und Motetten(LP) BASF/Harmonia Mundi 25 22065-6 Germany 1975 Sell This Version
LP. 001 Anonymous - 12 Canzoni Erotiche (Vietato Ai Minori Di Anni 18) album art Anonimo* 12 Canzoni Erotiche (Vietato Ai Minori Di Anni 18)(LP, Album) Eurodisco LP. 001 Italy 1975 Sell This Version
KM 4781 Anonymous - The Bovey Restoration Of Montana Presents: The Marvelous Music Machines Of Virginia And Nevada Cities, Montana album art Anonymous The Bovey Restoration Of Montana Presents: The Marvelous Music Machines Of Virginia And Nevada Cities, Montana(LP, Album) Kessler Sound Recording Service KM 4781 US 1975 Sell This Version
CRD 1031 Anonymous - The Baroque Concerto In England album art Anon.*, Boyce* And Woodcock* - Thames Chamber Orchestra London* Conducted By Michael Dobson With Neil Black (3) And William Bennett (3) Anon.*, Boyce* And Woodcock* - Thames Chamber Orchestra London* Conducted By Michael Dobson With Neil Black (3) And William Bennett (3) - The Baroque Concerto In England CRD Records CRD 1031 UK 1976 Sell This Version
KLP 206 Anonymous - Sounds of KJNP album art Northland Missionaries, Anonymous Northland Missionaries, Anonymous - Sounds of KJNP(LP, Album) KJNP Radio Records KLP 206 US 1978 Sell This Version
VPA 8416 Anonymous - Canti Popolari Di Bretagna album art Anonymous Canti Popolari Di Bretagna(LP) Albatros (2) VPA 8416 Italy 1978 Sell This Version
GM-798 Anonymous - Eurovision 79 Y Otros album art Anonymous Eurovision 79 Y Otros(LP, Album) Gramusic GM-798 Spain 1979 Sell This Version
AS 51 Anonymous - Lessons For The Lyra-Violl album art Alfonso Ferrabosco / William Corkine / Anonymous - Jordi Savall Alfonso Ferrabosco / William Corkine / Anonymous - Jordi Savall - Lessons For The Lyra-Violl Astrée AS 51 France 1980 Sell This Version
EM 110 Anonymous - Blanche Neige Et Cendrillon album art Anonymous Blanche Neige Et Cendrillon(LP) Eurogram EM 110 France 1980 Sell This Version
STU 71303 Anonymous - Messe De Tournai - Messe De Nostre-Dame album art Anonyme du XIVe Siècle*, Guillaume de Machaut Anonyme du XIVe Siècle*, Guillaume de Machaut - Messe De Tournai - Messe De Nostre-Dame(LP) Erato STU 71303 France 1981 Sell This Version
DC 7210 Anonymous - Music Of The Italian Baroque For Flute And Harp album art Boccherini* / Anonymous / Zipoli* / Pescetti* - Susanna Klintcharova*, André Noiret Boccherini* / Anonymous / Zipoli* / Pescetti* - Susanna Klintcharova*, André Noiret - Music Of The Italian Baroque For Flute And Harp(LP, Album) Desto DC 7210 US 1982 Sell This Version
LP-217, BIS-LP-217 Anonymous - Courtly Trumpet Ensemble Music album art Diabelli*, Speer*, Biber*, Keller*, Anonymous - Bengt Eklund's Baroque Ensemble, Edward H. Tarr Diabelli*, Speer*, Biber*, Keller*, Anonymous - Bengt Eklund's Baroque Ensemble, Edward H. Tarr - Courtly Trumpet Ensemble Music(LP, Album) BIS, BIS LP-217, BIS-LP-217 Sweden 1983 Sell This Version
PSR 40 643 Anonymous - Hinwil - Ref. Kirche album art Pater Marian Müller* / Anonymus* / Pater Anselm Schubiger* / Carlo Gœury* / Pietro Valle Pater Marian Müller* / Anonymus* / Pater Anselm Schubiger* / Carlo Gœury* / Pietro Valle - Hinwil - Ref. Kirche(LP) Pelca PSR 40 643 Switzerland 1984 Sell This Version