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This artist profile is only to be used for artists who are credited as 'anonymous' on the release. Please use Traditional (for writing credits only) or Unknown Artist instead, where necessary. (RSG §2.3.1.)

This is a catchall artist page for credits that are listed as 'Anonymous' on a release, when the identity of the author is left hidden or unidentified for some reason. 'Anonymous' (also often abbreviated to 'Anon' or 'Anon.') is sometimes used as a pseudonym for artists who don't wish to have their true identities in the open. Anonymous is typically used in classical music & folk to note a composition where the writer wasn't mentioned and is not known until today, often accompanied by a classical style period, a century or (approximate) date, a location (country, city, ...), or the source of the work (typically a book collecting songs or composition).
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-, ?, ?????, ...X, ' ', 'Chanson De Toile' Anonym Of The XIIth Century, Langue D'Oil, "Cambrai" (Mode iii), "Danserye", Nederland 16C, "Eene Zeer Kundige Hand", "Lysagóra Songs" Collection, 15th Century, »Des Knaben Wunderhorn«, (Anon,), (Anon.), (Anon), (Anonimo), (Anonyme), (anonymous), (Anonymus), (Aşık Nesimi), (Francesco Landini?), (Hucbald "Musica Enchiridiadis" - Ca. 850), (Hucbald "Scholia Enchiridiadis" - Ca. 850), (Krakow - 14th Cent.), (Krakow ? - Ca. 1440), (non credited), (Santiago De Compostela - 12th Cent.), (St. Victor de Paris) - 13th Century, (Stary Sacz - 13th Cent.), (Stary Sacz - 14th Cent.), (Stary Sacz - Post 1300), [Unidentified] Chamber Orchestra, [Unnamed] Instrumental Ensemble, ***, /a/, /b/, /c/, /d/, /e/, /f/, /g/, , +++, 10th-century MS, 13th Century Anon., 13th Century English - Anon., 14th C. Italian, 14th C. Spain, 14th Century, 14th Century Anon, 14th Century Anon., 15th Century, 15th Century Anon., 15th Century Anonymous, 15th Century English - Anon, 15th Century Tune, 16th Century, 16th Century Anon., 17th Century Carol, 18th Cent. Anon, 18th Century Anon., 18th Century English Carol, 19th C. American Anon., a, A Different Anonymous, A fucking idiot, a Fuckload of Anons, A Studio Crowd, A. A., A.S.D., Aanon, actual autism, Adopted, Alejandría?, All the anons in one crampy room, wearing Homestuck cosplay and eating knock-off brand Hot Pockets, Allegedly Jack The Ripper, Allspel På Spelmansstämman i Wadköping Sommaren 1977, Alte Engl. Lautenmelodie, Anonym, American Trappistine Nun, an anonymous & remote plunderphile, An Anonymous Englishman Of The 17th Century, An Anonymous Flute Wielder, An Anonymous Group Of Students From Gaza, An., An. (XIII), An. (XIV), anaonym, Ancient Irish Melody, Anglo Saxon Chronicle, Annon., Annonymous, Anom, Anomino, Anomino S. XVI, Anon, Anon (13th c. France), Anon (13th c. Spain), Anon (13th-century), Anon (14th-century), Anon (15th c. France), Anon (15th Century), Anon (16th c.), Anon (16th Century), Anon (1700t), Anon (19th Century), Anon (English 13th Century), Anon (fifteenth century), Anon (Old Poem), Anon 13th Century, Anon 15th Century Words, Anon 16th Century, Anon 16th Century English, Anon English, Anon French, Anon French 13th Century, Anon ft. The Vidya House Banned, Anon ft. the Voice Cast of DW3, Anon Medieval, Anon Sec. XV, Anon Sec. XVI, Anon Sec. XVIII, Anon, 13e Eeuw, Anon, c.1650, Anon, Poem (15th Century), Anon., Anon. - Faryfax Manuscript, Anon. (13th Cent.), Anon. (13th-18th Cent.), Anon. (14th Cent.), Anon. (15th Cent.), Anon. (15th Century), Anon. (Ecole De N.Dame), XIII.c, Anon. (School Of Notre Dame De Paris, 13th Century), Anon. (Scottish), Anon. (XIII.c), Anon. (XIV.c), Anon. [Ecole de N. Dame], Anon. [French Traditional], Anon. [Plainsong, mode III), Anon. / Morlaye, Anon. / Uppsala, Anon. ± 1310, Anon. 11th Century, Anon. 12th Century, Anon. 12th Century Picard, Anon. 13th Cent., Anon. 13th Century, Anon. 14e Eeuw, Anon. 14th Cent., Anon. 14th Century, Anon. 15°, Anon. 1517, Anon. 15e Eeuw, Anon. 15th Cent., Anon. 15th Century, Anon. 15th. c., Anon. 16°, Anon. 1611, Anon. 16th C., Anon. 16th Cent. Italy, Anon. 16th Century, Anon. 16th-C. Scottish, Anon. 16th/17th Century, Anon. 17. Jahrhundert, Anon. 17° S., Anon. 1700-l, Anon. 17th cent., Anon. 17th Century, Anon. 18th Cent. Saxor, Anon. 18th Century, Anon. 2nd Century A.D., Anon. 8th Cent. Saxon, Anon. Alicante, Anon. American, Anon. Angleterre, Anon. Apuglia, Anon. Berbère, Anon. c. End Of 18th Century, Anon. c. End Of 19th Century, Anon. c.1400, Anon. c.1500, Anon. c.1820, Anon. c.1830, Anon. Catalogne, Anon. Chorus, Anon. English 15th Century, Anon. English 16th Cent., Anon. English C.1270, Anon. English XIII Century, Anon. English XIV Century, Anon. English, c. 1420, Anon. XVI° Sec., Anon. French (c. 1090), Anon. French 13th Century, Anon. French Before 1316, Anon. French Canadian, Anon. French XIII Century, Anon. French, 13th Century, Anon. From The Trent Codices, Anon. German c.1394, Anon. Germany 13th Century, Anon. Grèce, Anon. Group, Anon. Hungarian, Anon. Israël, Anon. Italian 14th Century, Anon. Italy, Anon. Italy 12th / 13th Century, Anon. Italy 14th Century, Anon. Italy, 14th Century, Anon. Khéne, Anon. Medieval, Anon. Minstrels, Anon. Portugal, anon. Sammlung Ali Ufki 17. Jh, Anon. Scottish, Anon. Scottish C.1250, Anon. Sec. XVII, Anon. Séfarade, Anon. Simancas M.S., Anon. Spanish 16th Century, Anon. Troubadour, Anon. Worcester MS 13th Century, Anon. XII°, Anon. XIII°, Anon. XV°, Anon. XV° Sec., Anon. XVI° Sec., Anon. XVII Century, Anon., "Cancionero De Upsala" Spain 16C, anon., 12th century, Anon., 13th Cent., Anon., 14th Cent., Anon., 14th Century, Anon., 15th Cent., Anon., 15th Century, Anon., 15th-Century English, Anon., 1782, Anon., 17th-Century English, Anon., 18th Century, Anon., 18th Century (?), Anon., c. 1400, anon., c. 700, Anon., c1310, Anon., Cuba, Anon., Elizabethan, Anon., English, 13th Century, Anon., France 13C, Anon., France 13C "Troubadour", Anon., French, 12th Century, Anon., French, 13th Century, Anon., French, 15th Century, Anon., Italy 14C, Anon., New Hampshire 1784, Anon., Piae Cantiones, 1582, Anon., Spain 16C, Anon., Spanish, 13th Century, Anon., Spanish, 15th Century, Anon., Swedish Melody, Anon.,Italian, 16th Century, Anoniem, Anoniem 14e Eeuw Italië, Anonim, Anonim (I Pol. XVII W.), Anonim (Josquin?), Anonim (Kerkük), Anonim (XVI. Jh.), Anonim Ca. 1430, Anònim Del Segle XIX, Anonim din sec. XVI (Antwerpen, 1551), Anonim İçel Silifke-Mut, Anonim Polish ca. 15th c., Anonim Polish ca. 16th c., Anonim polski, Anonim Polski (1759), Anònim S. XVI, Anonim sec. XVI, Anonim Segle XIX, Anonim spaniol (sec. XV), Anonim XIIe S., Anonim XIII, Anonim XIII W., Anonim XIX W., Anonim XVI W., Anonim XVII w., Anonim Z VIII W., Anonim z XII w., Anonim z XIII w., Anonim z XVI w., Anonim-Rumeli Türküsü, Anónim, s. XVI, Anónima, Anonimas (XVII a.), Anònime, Anonimi Cividalesi, Anonimi Del Sec. XIII, Anonimni Autor, Anonimni Autor / Anonymous Author, Anonimo, Anónimo - Siglo XVII, Anónimo (1562-1635), Anónimo (1717), Anónimo (Andalucía), Anónimo (ca. 1510, Catedral de Burgos, Sillería Del Coro), Anónimo (China), Anónimo (CMM 4), Anónimo (CMP 106), Anónimo (CMP 109), Anónimo (CMP 113), Anónimo (CMP 121), Anónimo (CMS 8), Anónimo (Improv.), Anónimo (Perú), Anónimo (Sefardí), Anónimo (Siglo XIV), Anónimo (Turquía), Anonimo (XIII sec.), Anonimo (XIX Secolo), Anonimo (XVIII sec.), Anónimo Canario, Anónimo Castellano, Anonimo Cinese, Anonimo Del '500 (Campania), Anonimo del '700, Anonimo Del Sec. XV, Anonimo Del Sec. XVI, Anonimo Del Sec. XVIII, Anonimo Del Secolo XIV, Anonimo Del XV Secolo, Anonimo Del XVI Secolo, Anonimo Di Netro Sec. XIX, Anonimo espagnol, Anónimo Español, Anónimo Francés, Anonimo Francese, Anonimo francese (XIII Secolo), Anonimo Italiano, Anonimo Italiano (XIV Secolo), Anónimo Manuscrito Mont-pellier, Anónimo Morisco, Anonimo Napoletano, Anonimo Napoletano '700, Anonimo Napoletano Del XVII Sec., Anónimo Pastoril, Anonimo Popolare (Basilicata/Puglia), Anonimo Popolare (Corsica), Anonimo Popolare (Puglia), Anonimo Popolare (Sicilia), Anónimo Popular, Anónimo Popular México, Anónimo Provenzal, Anónimo Quechua, Anonimo Romagnolo, Anonimo S.XVI, Anonimo Sec. XVI, Anonimo Sec. XVIII, Anónimo Sefardí, Anònimo Segle XIX, Anónimo Siglo XIII, Anónimo Siglo XIIV, Anónimo Siglo XIX, Anónimo Siglo XVII, Anonimo Veneziano, Anonimo Vietnamita, Anonimo XVI Secolo, Anonimo-Popolare, Anónimo, Códice De Las Huelgas, F. 160, Anonimo, Lezione Della Collina Torinese, Anonimo, Lezione Di Cuneo, Anónimo, S. XII, Anónimo, S. XIII, Anónimo, S. XIV, Anónimo, s. XV, Anónimo, S. XVI, Anónimos, Anonimous, Anonimous (XVI Sec.), Anonimous XIV Century, Anonimowa Monodia Polska z. XIII w., Anonimus, Anonimus (1759-?), Anonimus (Andalucía), Anonimus (CM Calabria), Anonimus (CMP), Anonimus (Italija, Kraj 18. St.), Anonimus (País Vasco), Anonimus (XV St.), Anonimus (XVI St.), Anonimus (XVI-XVII. W.), Anonimus (XVII St.), Anonimus 14. St., Anonimus 16. St., Anonimus Córdoba (S. X), Anonimus Eng. (XVI), Anonimus It. (XVI), Anonimus Sefardi, Anonimus Šp. (XVII), Anonimus, 18. St., Hrvatska, Anonimus, Dubrovnik, 18-19. St., Anonimus, Klanjec, 18. St., Anonimus, Korčula, 18-19. St., Anonnyme, Anons, Anons From Around the World, Anonumous XVII Jhdt., Anonumus, Anonym, Anonym (1. Hälfte 16. Jh.), Anonym (13. Jh.), Anonym (14, Jahrhundert), Anonym (14. Jh.), Anonym (16. Jh.), Anonym (17.Jahrhundert), Anonym (France, 14th Century), Anonym (L. Mozart, Notenb.), Anonym (um 1500), Anonym 14. Jhdt., Anonym 16. Jahrh., Anonym 16. Jh., Anonym 16. Jhdt., Anonym 1846, Anonym åländsk folkvisa, Anonym Aus "Dlugoraij", Anonym Aus Böhmen, Anonym český, Anonym Du XVIe Siècle, Anonym Englisch, Anonym finsk folkvisa, Anonym författare, Anonym Gårdsangervise, Anonym Of The XIIth Century, Langue D'Oil, Anonym Översättare, Anonym svensk folkmelodi, Anonym svensk folkvisa, Anonym um 1200, Anonym um 1240, Anonym um 1325, Anonym um 1400, Anonym um 1530, Anonym Vor 1643, anonym, 13 Jh., Anonym, 14. Jhdt., anonym, 15. Jahrhundert, Anonym, 15th Century, anonym, Carmina Burana, 12./13. Jh., anonym, Carmina Burana, 13. Jh., Anonym, Dubrovnik (18. v / 18th c.), Anonym, Hvar (16. v / 16th c.), anonym, Nordfrankreich, 1189 (?), anonym, Nordfrankreich, 13. Jh., anonym, Südfrankreich, Ende 12. Jh., Anonym: Codex Reina, Anonym: Ms. Lo., BM 29987, Anonym: Sammlung Ali Ufki, Anonym., Anonym/15. Jhd., Anonyme, Anonyme - (A.M. Chiquitos, Bolivie), Anonyme - (S.S.A. Cuzco, Pérou), Anonyme - instrumental, Anonyme (11ème Siècle), Anonyme (12ème Siècle), Anonyme (1490), Anonyme (16e Siècle), Anonyme (17e Siècle), Anonyme (17éme Siècle), Anonyme (18e Siècle), Anonyme (Ancien), Anonyme (Attaingnant, 1531), Anonyme (Attaingnant), Anonyme (Bohème, 15ème Siècle), Anonyme (Bolivie), Anonyme (ca. 1580), Anonyme (ca. 1600), Anonyme (ca. 1640), Anonyme (Circa 1580), Anonyme (Coll. Flores de Música), Anonyme (Coll. Truxillo del Perú II, c. 1780), Anonyme (Collection Flores de Música, 1706 - 1709), Anonyme (Cusco), Anonyme (Einsiedeln), Anonyme (Espagne XVIe), Anonyme (Fin XVe Siècle), Anonyme (Fin XVIe Siècle), Anonyme (Mss. Dimitrie Cantemir N. 220, Ca. 1690), Anonyme (Napoli ca. 1450), Anonyme (Perú, 1631), Anonyme (Sefardí), Anonyme (XIVe), Anonyme (XVe), Anonyme (XVI° Siècle), Anonyme (Zurich), Anonyme [Fin XIIe S.], Anonyme 12ème Siècle, Anonyme 13e Siècle, Anonyme 14e Siècle, Anonyme 1534, Anonyme 15è Siècle, Anonyme 15ème Siècle, Anonyme 16e Siècle, Anonyme 1703, Anonyme 1709, Anonyme 1725, Anonyme 17e Siècle, Anonyme 18e Siècle, Anonyme Allemand, Anonyme Allemand (1593), Anonyme Allemand XVe Siècle, Anonyme Anglais, Anonyme Anglais (XVIe Siècle), Anonyme Anglais Du XVIe Siècle, Anonyme Anglais, XVIe S., Anonyme Breton, Anonyme C13, Anonyme C13-14, Anonyme C17, Anonyme Chant Gregorien, Anonyme Chilien, Anonyme De Kromeiris (XVth Siecle), Anonyme Du 16iéme, Anonyme Du 17e S, Anonyme Du 17iéme, Anonyme Du XIIe S., Anonyme du XIVe Siècle, Anonyme Du XVe, Anonyme Du XVI Siècle, Anonyme du XVI˚ siècle, Anonyme Du XVI. s., Anonyme Du XVIe, Anonyme Du XVIè Siècle, Anonyme Du XVIIe, Anonyme du XVIII˚ siècle, Anonyme Du XVIIIe Siècle, Anonyme Écossais, Anonyme Env. 1300, Anonyme Espagnol, Anonyme Espagnol (1557), Anonyme Français, Anonyme Francais (XIIIe Siecle), Anonyme Irlandais, Anonyme Itailien (14ème Siècle), Anonyme Italia, Anonyme Italien, Anonyme Italien (XIVe Siecle), Anonyme Italien, XVIe S., Anonyme Provençal, Anonyme Provençal Début XVIe S., Anonyme Sépharade (Smyrne, XVIe Siècle), Anonyme Shépharade (Smyrne, XVIe Siècle), Anonyme Solo-Trompete, Anonyme XIIe Siècle, Anonyme XIIIe S., Anonyme XVe, Anonyme XVe S., Anonyme XVe Siècle, Anonyme XVème Siècle, Anonyme XVIᵉ, Anonyme XVIe s., Anonyme XVIe Siècle, Anonyme XVIIe, Anonyme XVIIe S., Anonyme XVIIe siècle, Anonyme XXe Siècle, Anonyme XXIIe Siècle, Anonyme, 13ème, Anonyme, 13ème siècle, Anonyme, Angleterre XVIè siècle, Anonyme, Catalan, 12ème siècle, Anonyme, Début XVlIIe S., Anonyme, Fin Du XVIe Siècle, Anonyme, Fin XVIIe S., Anonyme, Naples, Anonyme, V. 1350, Anonyme, V. 1620, Anonyme, XIIIe Siècle, Anonyme, XVe Siècle, Anonyme, XVIe S., Anonyme, XVIIe S., Anonyme, XVIIIe Siècle, Anonyme/Anonymous 13ème siècle, Anonyme/anonymous, 12ème siècle, Anonyme/Anonymous, 13ème siècle, Anonyme/anonymous, ca. 1200, Anonymes, Anonymes Avignonnais XVIe S., Anonymes Catalans, Anonymes des XIVe et XVe siècles, Anonymes Du 17e Siècle, Anonymes du XIVe siècle, Anonymes du XVe siècle, Anonymes du XVI˚ siècle, Anonymes Du XVIè Siècle, Anonymes Espagnols, Anonymes, 16th Cent., Anonymi, Anonymi (din Thomas Simpson: "Taffel Consort", 1621), Anonymní, Anonymos, anonymous, Anonymous ("H"), Anonymous (13th cent.), Anonymous (13th Century), Anonymous (14th C.), Anonymous (14th cent.), Anonymous (14th Century), Anonymous (1591), Anonymous (15th C.), Anonymous (15th cent.), Anonymous (15th Century), Anonymous (16 JH.), Anonymous (16.Jh.), Anonymous (16th C.), Anonymous (16th Century), Anonymous (17th C.), Anonymous (18. Jahrhundert), Anonymous (18th-Century), Anonymous (19th C.), Anonymous (1st half XVIth c.), Anonymous (9th Century), Anonymous (After Hans Gerle), Anonymous (After: Gerle 1532/2), Anonymous (Attaingnant, 1531), Anonymous (Bolivia), Anonymous (Bulgarie), Anonymous (Burgos, 14th Century), Anonymous (c 15), Anonymous (c. 1684), Anonymous (Ca 1420), Anonymous (Ca 1520), Anonymous (ca. 1400), Anonymous (ca. 1450), Anonymous (Ca. 1470), Anonymous (ca. 1500), Anonymous (Ca. 1550), Anonymous (Cambodia), Anonymous (Dresden, ca. 1760), Anonymous (Early 16th Century), Anonymous (End Of 17th Century), Anonymous (Espagne), Anonymous (Exodus), Anonymous (Faenza Codex: After Jacopo Da Bologna), Anonymous (Faenza Codex), Anonymous (Germany/USA, ca. 1785), Anonymous (Greacus), Anonymous (Grèce), Anonymous (Gregorian), Anonymous (Israël), Anonymous (Lembeek, 19th C.), Anonymous (Lisbon, ca. 1770), Anonymous (Maroc), Anonymous (P.D.), Anonymous (Plainchant), Anonymous (Provence), Anonymous (Quebec, ca. 1700), Anonymous (Renaissance), Anonymous (sec. XV), Anonymous (Spanish Folk Music), Anonymous (Spanish), Anonymous (trad. English), Anonymous (trad. German), Anonymous (Traditional), Anonymous (Turquie), Anonymous (Uncredited), Anonymous (Vienna, ca. 1800), Anonymous (VXIe), Anonymous (W. A. Mozart?), Anonymous (XIII S.), Anonymous (XIII), Anonymous (XIV S.), Anonymous (XV / XVI Cen.), Anonymous (XV S.), Anonymous (XVI C.), Anonymous (XVI S.), Anonymous (XVII C.), Anonymous (XVII Jh.), Anonymous [17th Century], Anonymous [Burgundy], Anonymous [Cancionero De Palacio], Anonymous [Codex Faenza], Anonymous [England], Anonymous [Estampie Italienne], Anonymous [France], Anonymous [From Seixas's School], Anonymous [German Or Polish From Breslau, Ca. 1620], Anonymous [Italy], Anonymous [Le Cabinet Satyrique], Anonymous [Le Nouveau Parnasse], Anonymous [Lettisches Volkslied / Latvian Folksong], Anonymous [Spain], Anonymous {France], Anonymous {Italy], Anonymous • Italian 14th Century, Anonymous 12. Jhd., Anonymous 13th Century, Anonymous 14th Century French, Anonymous 14th Century Italian, Anonymous 14th Century Italian Composer, Anonymous 15th Century, Anonymous 15th Century Composer, Anonymous 15th- And 16th-Century English Verse, Anonymous 16. Century, Anonymous 16th Century, Anonymous 17th Century, Anonymous 17th Century Pub. 1700, Anonymous 20th Century, Anonymous Adaption Of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Anonymous Andalousian Song, Anonymous Arab-Andalusian, Anonymous Arab-Andelusian, Anonymous Author Of The 14th Century, Anonymous Authors, Anonymous British, Anonymous Bulgarian 13th Century, Anonymous Caller, Anonymous Cantonese Man, Anonymous Chinese, Anonymous Concerned Citizen, London, Anonymous Des 16. Jahrunderts, Anonymous Disciple Of Lully, Anonymous Doctor From Galicia, Anonymous English, Anonymous English 17th Century, Anonymous English ca.1600, Anonymous Flemish, Anonymous French, Anonymous French 13th Century, Anonymous FrenchAnonymous French, Anonymous Frenchman, Anonymous Friend, Anonymous from Beauvais, Anonymous Girl 1, Anonymous Girl 2, Anonymous Girl 3, Anonymous Grusia, Anonymous Guest Improviser, Anonymous Guest Musician, Anonymous Homeless Man, Anonymous Imitator Of Giorgione, Anonymous Italian, Anonymous Judeo-Spanish, Anonymous male, Anonymous Medieval Poem, Anonymous MS, Anonymous Ms., Anonymous Musician, Anonymous Of Chartreuse De Scala Dei, Anonymous Of École De Ripoll, Anonymous Old English Poem (Exeter Book), Anonymous Old English Texts, Anonymous Photography, An, Anonymous producer from Tokyo, Anonymous Roving Photographer At A Forgotten Polynesian Restaurant, Anonymous Sender From Eastern Europe, Anonymous Sephardic, Anonymous Shitposter, Anonymous Shoeshine Boy, Anonymous Source, Anonymous Spanish, Anonymous Spanish Carol, Anonymous Spanish composer from the 16th century, Anonymous Student Of Lully, Anonymous Trio, Anonymous Trubadour, Anonymous Tune, Angleterre, XIVe Siècle (England, 16th Cent.), Anonymous Venetians Of The XVIII Century, Anonymous Woman (13th Century), Anonymous X Century, Anonymous XIV Century, Cividale, Anonymous XIVe Siècle, Anonymous Xv S., Anonymous XVIIth Century, Anonymous, 12th Century, Anonymous, 13. Century, Anonymous, 13th Century, Anonymous, 15th C., Anonymous, 15th Cent., Anonymous, 15th Century, Anonymous, 15th-Century England, Anonymous, 16th Century, Anonymous, 17th Century, Anonymous, 1865, Anonymous, Anfang 14. Jhdt., Anonymous, Aquitaine, Anonymous, C13, Bergen, Norway, Anonymous, C13, Orkney, Anonymous, Chant, Anonymous, Circa 1300, Anonymous, Codex Las Huelgas, Burgos, 14th Century, Anonymous, Cortona, Anonymous, Dubrovnik 18th Century, Anonymous, Early English, Anonymous, England, Anonymous, English, 13th Century, Anonymous, Fleury, 13th Century, Anonymous, Frankreich, Anonymous, French, 1200, Anonymous, Glogauer Liederbuch, Anonymous, Hvar 16th Century, Anonymous, Japanese, Anonymous, Mediaeval, Anonymous, Medieval, Anonymous, Nikolaus Apel Codex, Anonymous, Paris, 13th Century, Anonymous, Possibly John Fletcher, Anonymous, Prague, 14th Century, Anonymous, School Of Notre Dame Late 12th / Early 13th Century, Anonymous, Tournai Mass, Anonymous, Tvisöngur C17, Iceland, Anonymous, Vis 16th Century, Anonymous, XIII Century, El Escorial, Manuscript J.b. 2, Anonymous, XV Century, Anonymous, XVII Century, Anonymous: "Credo" From The Catholic Mass, Anonymous: Cancionero de Palacio, Anonymous: Cancionero De Sablonara, Anonymous: The Cloud of Unknowing, 14th century, Anonymous. Italian 14th Century, Anonyms, Anonymus, Anonymus (? 16.Jh.), Anonymus (16. Jh.), Anonymus (17. Jahrhundert), Anonymus (17. Jh.), Anonymus (17th Century), Anonymus (18. Jhdt.), Anonymus (Böhmischer Meister Um 1670/1680), Anonymus (Ca 1425), Anonymus (Ca. 1600), Anonymus (din „Cartea pentru laută” de Wolf Heckel, 1562), Anonymus (din „Codex Caioni”, sec.XVII), Anonymus (din „Codex Vietoris”, sec.XVII), Anonymus (din „Ein schön Nutz und Gebräuchlich Orgel Tabulaturbuch” de Jacob Paix, 1583), Anonymus (din Cartea pentru virginal Sopron, sec. XVII), Anonymus (din colecția „Liber leviorum carminum” de Phalesius, 1571), Anonymus (din colecția „Tabulaturbuch auf dem Instrumente” de August Nörmiger, 1598), Anonymus (din manuscrisul „Theresianus” de la Alba Iulia, sec. XVI), Anonymus (din manuscrisul de la Lőcse, sec. XVII), Anonymus (din Tabulatura de Jan de Lublin, sec. XVI), Anonymus (din Tabulatura din Berlin, 1593), Anonymus (End 16th Century), Anonymus (England 1763), Anonymus (France), Anonymus (Johann Ernst, Prinz von Sachsen-Weimar?), Anonymus (Kromeriz), Anonymus (Mexiko, 17. Jhdt.), Anonymus (S. XVI), Anonymus (sec. XIX), Anonymus (sec. XVI - din colecția de piese pentru laută de A. Chilesotti), Anonymus (sec. XVI), Anonymus (sec. XVII-XVIII), Anonymus (sec. XVII), Anonymus (sec. XVIII), Anonymus (Solage?), Anonymus (Spain ca. 1520), Anonymus (XIV), Anonymus (XVI), Anonymus [Gisbert van Steenwick?], Anonymus 13. Jahrhundert, Anonymus 14. Jahrhundert, Anonymus 14. Jhdt., Anonymus Ca 1558, Anonymus Dänisch, Anonymus I Poł. XVI, Anonymus Isländisch, Anonymus Italienisch 10. Jahrh., Anonymus Orkneyinseln, 12. Jahrh., Anonymus Pragensis, Anonymus Vor 1325, Anonymus XVI W., Anonymus XVII Jhdt., Anonymus: (17. Jahrhundert), Another Anon, Aononyme, Arap Anonim, Art Romain, Aşıq, Aşıq Havası, Ateliers Des Bords De Loire, Attrib. Lassus, Audience, Aus Böhmen, Aus Einem Alten Liederbuch, Auteur Anonyme, Auteur Inconnu, Autor Anónimo, Autor Desconocido, Autor Necunoscut, Autor Unbekannt, Autor?, Autore Ignoto, Autori Ignoti, Azeri Anonim, Azeri Anonymous, Bamberg Codex, Baroque Autrichien, Based Anons, BBC Radio Personality, Beauvais MS, Begleitorchester, Begleitung, Berømt Jazzmusiker Som Ønsker Å Være Anonym, Biblical, Book of Genesis, York and Chester miracle plays, Bourguignon, Buxheimer Orgelbuch, 15. Jahrhundert, Cancion Anoníma, Canción Anónima Cubana, Siglo XIX, Cancionerio De Columbina, Cancionero De Palacio, Cantigas De S.ta Maria, Cantigas De Santa Maria, Canzionero de Palacio, Carlo G. Manuscript, Carmina Burana, Carmina Burana - Benediktbeuren Manuscript, 1300, Carmina Burana (13th century), Carmina Burana Manuscript, Carmina Burana, 13th Century, Carmina Burana, ca. 1230, Carmina Burana, um 1230, Carmina Burana, XIII Century, Celtiberico, Chansonier Cangé, Chant Grégorien, Chant Of Kiev, Chant Populaire, Chester MS 1495, Chinese "Book Of Odes", Chinese Hymn, Anonymous, C. 1952, Chor Und Orchester, Chorus, Chorus And Orchestra, ChorusAnons, Church Member, Codex De Las Huelgas (S. XIII), Codex Faenza, Codex Kajoni (Hongrie, 17ème Siècle), Codex Las Huelgas, Codex Musicale, Bologna, Codex Specialis Reginaegradecensis (XV. Jahrhundert), Codex Vietoris, Códice Saldívar III, Collaborators, Collection De Picardie, Collection Picardie 67 Bibliothèque Nationale, Composer Unknown, Cornwall, Anon., Coro, Cowley Carol Book, D. En D., D. R., D. R. de A., D.R. 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XIII, Tune From Piae Cantiones, 1582, Tuntematon, Tuntematon Suomalainen, U.B., Ukjent, Un Anonimo Carrettiere, Un Anonimo Castellano, Un Détenu De La Maison Centrale De Melun, Un Groupe De Jeunes, Un Jeune De L'aumônerie, Un-named, Unattributed, Unbek., Unbekannt, Unbekannter Französischer Meister Des 16. Jh., Unbekannter Troubadour, Unbekannter Trouvere, Unbekant, Uncredited, Une Femme De Joueur Anonyme, Ung., Unidentified, Unidentified [Christian Hommel - Or - Andrew Malcolm], Unidentified [Walter Ifrim - Or - Fabian Dirr], Unidentified Lyricist, Unidentified Male Vocal Group, Unidentified Photographer, Unknown, Unknown Czech Master Before 1410, Unpublished, Unverified, Author Anonymous, v, Vatican Rossi Codex, Venetian School (Anonymous), Veritatem Anon., Vieille Chanson Française, Vil Helst Være Anonyme, Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble, Völuspa, Vulgate, Wankernitch, Weber, Whitehall, 1609, Whole /v/, Wind Ensemble, Wir Sind Des Geyers Schwarzer Haufen, Wittenberg, Worcester Antiphoner, Worcester Fragments, X, X ., X ..., X ...., X I ..., x x, X X X, X., X. ..., X. X. X., X.., X..., X...., X....., X......., X........., X.X.X., X&, XII°, XVI. Századi Népének, XXX, XXXX, Y, Y.O., Yunan Anonim, Yunan Halk Şarkısı, Z, Zajal, Anonymous (15th Century), Ανώνυμο, Ανωνύμου, Χορωδία, Автор Неизв., Автор неизвестен, Аноним, Аноним XIV Века, Анонимен Автор, Анонимный Автор, Анонимус, Анонимус, 14. Век, Кант XVIII в. (Автор Неизв.), Кијевски Напеб, Кијевски Напев, Неизв. Автор, Неизв. Автор. Libre Vermell, 1399, Неизв. Автор. XIII в., Неизв. Автор. XV в., Неизв. Автор. Испания, XIV в., Неизв. Автор. Италия, XIV в., Неизв. поэт, Неизв.(XIX в), Неизвестен, Неизвестный Автор, Неизвестный Автор XVI В., Непознати Аутор, Непознати Мелод, Несколько Десятков Моих Талантливых Замечательных Друзей, Несколько Десятков Талантливых Замечательных Людей, سراينده ناشناس, شعر المقاومة, ناشناس, ناشناش, نشناش, 佚名, 외국 [Foreign]