Mtume (pronounced em-too-may) was an American R&B and jazz-funk band founded in 1978 by James Mtume and Reggie Lucas.
Their name derives from James Mtume's surname, which means "musician" in Swahili.
The band had success in the 80s with a series of hits, including "Juicy Fruit", "So You Wanna Be A Star" and "You, Me and He".
Their distinctive sound combined elements of jazz and funk with catchy melodies and romantic lyrics. Mtume's music has had a lasting impact on the R&B and hip hop scenes, with many artists sampling their tracks over the years.
After the band disbanded in 1986, James Mtume continued his musical career as a solo artist and producer.

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Members:Basil Fearrington, Edward Moore, Howard King, Hubert Eaves III, James Mtume, Philip Field, Raymond Jackson (2), Reggie Lucas, Tawatha Agee
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