Treponem Pal


Treponem Pal is a French industrial metal band formed in Paris in 1986, taking their name from the syphilis virus. From 2001 to 2006, the band has been inactive but members did several projects like reggae band Elephant System, dub project Rasboras Inc., sound-system Dub Action Soundcrew, dub label Hammerbass or doing some compilations for EMI (Rap Metal Masters, I Dub You !, Reggae Vibration or Obscur).

Current line-up:
Marco Neves - Vocals (from 1986)
Didier Bréard aka Rasboras Inc. - Samples (from 1996)
Guillaume Lepert aka Polak (2) - Guitar (from 2006)
Mathys Dubois aka Marto - Drums (from 2006)

Past members:
Guitar: Michel Bassin (1986-2001), Laurent Bizet (1989-1993), Dredfred (2006-2011)
Bass: Alain Fornasari aka Ferguson (5) (1986-1991, 1993), Stephane Cressend (1991-1993), Amadou Sall (1993), Thierry Cabecas aka Caracas, Goran Juresic (1997), Paul Raven (2006), Bud (18) (2007), Pierre Michalski (2008-2011), Syn- (2011-2013)
Drums: David Lebrun (1986-1991), Didier Serbourdin (1991-2001), Ted Parsons (2006)
Sampler: Spagg (1993-1997) , Wikipedia , Facebook , Bandcamp , X , YouTube , Soundcloud , Reverb , ,
Members:Alain Fornasari, Amadou Sall, Bud (18), David Lebrun, Denis Garnier, Didier Bréard, Didier Serbourdin, Franck Dumarski, François Soulier, Frédéric Mariolle, Goran Juresic, Guillaume Labaume, Guillaume Lepert, Jipouille De St Loup, Laurent Bizet, Marco Neves, Marylin Tognolli, Mathys Dubois, Michel Bassin, Nicolas "Nicky" Tchernenko




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