Twenty Sixty Six And Then

A German heavy rock band of the early 1970's, considered both important as the link in a lot histories (Aera, Emergency, Karthago, Kin Ping Meh, etc.), and as producers of one of the landmark albums of Krautrock.


Twenty Sixty Six And Then - Reflections On The Future album art Twenty Sixty Six And Then Reflections On The Future (Album) United Artists Records Germany 1972 Sell This Version
SBT 001 Twenty Sixty Six And Then - Reflections On The Past album art Twenty Sixty Six And Then Reflections On The Past(LP, Album + LP, S/Sided, Album) Second Battle SBT 001 Germany 1991 Sell This Version


Twenty Sixty Six And Then - Reflections! album art Twenty Sixty Six And Then Reflections! (Comp) Second Battle Germany 1994 Sell This Version

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August 18, 2014
Twenty Sixty Six And Then created their name by adding an extra thousand to the number 1066, year of the historical battle of Hastings.
Their heavy progressive style,by some compared to bands like Deep Purple, Vanilla Fudge or
Iron Butterfly, is in reality a unique musical expression not quite like anything else.
Their dramatic organ-drenched, complex music with symphonic elements combined with heavy guitar/organ jamming, elements of jazz, high-octane rhythmic parts with quick changes, and weird psychedelic electronic effects makes the sound like none other than, well, Twenty Sixty Six And Then. The hoarse vocals more commonly found in ardinary heavy rock from the era adds to the mix and makes for a unique experience for the adventurous music listener and not only fans of seventies progressive rock or sixties psychedelia.

The original album, released in 1972 by United Artists Records in Germany was only pressed in a first batch of 1000 copies. Backed by poor marketing from UA, weak sales, made sure that the first batch also became the last. To no surprise, the original seldom become available for sale and when good copies are present on an auction, the winning bid so far has been from $500 to $1000

In 1989, Second Battle released a reissue with a replica of the original gatefold cover. Limited to 1000 numbered copies it is 100% true to the original but I do not know if this was intentional or not.
Second battle also released another vinyl version of the album in 2008. This time the album was expanded with some of the original songs were replaced by alternative versions and the album was expanded to a full double album, Nothing new under the sun and as a habit for all releases, the double vinyl album was a limited release of a mere 900 copies.

The, so far, only CD edition of the original album released by Purple Pyramid needs special mention.
D O N ' T B U Y I T ! !
Listening to the inferior quality of the CD even when compared to the sound of the 1972 original makes me wonder what motivation Purple Pyramid had for releasing it. While the album has good sound in all other incarnation (the 1972 original has good sound too, albeit a little thinner than the Second Battle releases), Purple Pyramid's offering sounds like the original album is played through a long metal tube. I'm sad to say that even a minor with no familiarity to the band or music would probably achieve a better result using a cheap home production package.
If you want the band on CD, do yourself a favour,search for Second Battle's release REFLECTIONS! (Second Battle SB 025, released 1994) instead. It consists of songs from from this release and the only other vinyl release with otherwise unreleased material from the band "Reflections on the Past", you won't regret it.

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