Electronoise Group

Electronoise Group

Radical free/spontaneous music/art ensemble, The Electronoise Group (ENG) founded in early 2006 by Japanese-American soundArtist, shotahirama. It is a group that are making concrete drone sounds with their free-improv expression and the ideas from "laptop" "noise" and "Art". Using laptop, tape-operation, and tape-loop, generated guitar, the project ideal is to express the content of various psycho pathological conditions, especially depressive psychosis, and paranoia. And also making an art design, a photomontage with strong attention to Dada and Bauhaus.

ENG was initially composed of shotahirama on tape-operation, Toshitaka Ikeda on guitar and shunjiTAKAMI on laptop. Musicians were free to join in, but such collaborations were often short-lived if the contributions were lacking the proper spirit or whatever. No ENG performance is ever planned; each is unique and spontaneous. The musicians vowed never to rehearse and never to discuss what they had played.


Electronoise Group Discography Tracks


alg044 ENG (Electronoise Group)* Kollaps(6xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Alg-a alg044 Spain 2008


Electronoise Group Barcelona TecnoNucleo Spain 2007