Tones On Tail


Originally intended as an outlet for Bauhaus guitarist Daniel Ash to record his more experimental material, Tones On Tail surfaced in 1982 with a self-titled 12" EP on 4AD Records. Fuelled on a steady diet of hash and Big Macs, this musical offshoot became the psychedelic and light-hearted antithesis of Bauhaus' gloom and doom reputation. Danny was initially joined by Glenn Campling on bass & keyboards, and, with the subsequent demise of Bauhaus in 1983, drummer Kevin Haskins, turning this 'side-project' into a 'proper' band.

During their short tenure together, Tones On Tail created some of the most inventive, arresting and tongue-in-cheek "pop" music until the group disbanded after an US Tour in late 1984. Ash and Haskins went on to reunite with their Bauhaus bandmate David J in Love And Rockets in 1985. , MySpace , Wikipedia
Members:Daniel Ash, Glenn Campling, Kevin Haskins
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