Toni Iordache

Toni Iordache

Romani Romanian ţambal (cimbalom) player, born 1942 in the Bâldana village, near Bucharest. His father was also a cimbalon player, and other family members were musicians too. Toni started playing the ţambal at the age of 4. He studied under Mitică Ciuciu and at the age of 12 he won his first competition. From 1960-1969 he joins the prestigious state ensemble Orchestra Ciocîrlia, taking him outside Romania to perform. Afterwards, he joins pan flute legend Gheorghe Zamfir in his Orchestra Gheorghe Zamfir, increasing his fame in and outside Romania even more.

He developed his own style and is nowadays known as the “Godfather of the cimbalom”. In 1975 at a concert in Paris (with Zamfir a.o.) , he was measured an incredible speed of 25 notes per second, which gave him a place in the Guiness Book Of Records.
Toni performed & recorded together with many famous Romanian musicians & singers of his time, amongst others: Gheorghe Zamfir, Gabi Luncă, Ion Onoriu, Romica Puceanu, Costel Vasilescu, Dona Dumitru Siminică, Ion Lăceanu, Alexandru Țitruș, Ion Petre Stoican, Mioara Lincan, Cătălin Tîrcolea, Nicolae Onilă.
After one of his gigs, the famous conductor Sergiu Celibidache told him that he truly is a phenomenon instrumentist.
In 1985 Toni Iordache became seriously ill with diabetes. The doctors recommended to have his leg amputated, but the operation did not save his life. He died in Februari 1988.

Father of cimbalom player Leonard Iordache. His grandson Bogdan was also studying the instrument but died in a highway car accident in July 2011.
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Toni Iordache Discography Tracks


Toni Iordache Un Virtuose Du Cymbalum (Album) Electrecord, Electrecord Romania 1971 Sell This Version
Toni Iordache Un Virtuose Du Cymbalum Vol. II (Album) Electrecord Romania 1974 Sell This Version
Toni Iordache Un Virtuose Du Cymbalum / A Virtuoso Of The Cimbalom Vol. III (Album) Electrecord Romania 1977 Sell This Version
ST-EPE 01845 Toni Iordache Țambal IV(LP, Album) Electrecord ST-EPE 01845 Romania 1981 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

EPC 653 Toni Iordache Toni Iordache(7", Mono) Electrecord EPC 653 Romania 1966 Sell This Version


STC 0064 Toni Iordache Țambal(Cass, Comp) Electrecord STC 0064 Romania 1977 Sell This Version
Toni Iordache Un Virtuose Du Cymbalum / A Virtuoso Of The Cimbalom (Album, Comp) Electrecord Romania 1996 Sell This Version
EDC 392 Toni Iordache Un Virtuose Du Cymbalum / A Virtuoso Of The Cimbalom 2(CD, Comp) Electrecord EDC 392 Romania 2000 Sell This Version
CD-ATR1307 Toni Iordache Sounds From A Bygone Age · Vol.4(CD, Comp, RM) Asphalt Tango Records CD-ATR1307 Germany 2007 Sell This Version
EDC 967 Toni Iordache Țambal(CD, Comp) Electrecord EDC 967 Romania 2010 Sell This Version

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