Logical Disorder

Real Name:Javier Barrero

Logical Disorder is the nickname that Javier Barrero uses to throw away his feelings of paranoia, totalitarianism and resistance to hopelessness. Educated in the netlabel scene and far away from the mainstream, he practices a sort of brilliant post-industrial IDM decorated with epic melodies. His music has been released on top labels of the underground scene, and he has collaborated with other artists and directors in rewarding performances.

His view on music is double-faced. One is conveyed by a visible light spectrum that looks for tranquillity, like that of the dreamy traveller. The other proves to be more complex and it unfolds as a mixture of industrial machinery and tortured and declining mind. Swinging between darkness and light, Logical Disorder is aimed at discussing identity, alienation, political corruption, religious threat and somehow that of a world where we turn out to be more and more dependent on machines to be able to work and live. , Bandcamp , MySpace
Aliases:Javier Barrero, Muto
In Groups:Cuartilla & Muto, Jura (7)


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