In 1991 Left Hand Right Hand were voted one of the top ten performers of the year by the Dutch national music press alongside Nine Inch Nails, Allen Ginsberg and God! They attracted infamous collaborators in a variety of media, some of whom appeared on their recordings. The band was formed in 1989 when Paul Ackerley and William Vince of Zahgurim collaborated with Andrew and Tim Brown of The Colonels for performances in Sussex, Rotterdam and Budapest. Their success inspired them to co-found the project that became Left Hand Right Hand. The collaborators on the recordings included former members of Shock Headed Peters, Clock DVA and The Recedents. Live stages were shared with Voice of Eye, Blurt and Adventures in Motion Pictures, among others. Performances often accompanied silent films, contemporary dance and occasionally featured a fire-breathing vocalist. A particular aspect of the live sets were the screenings of edited, found and specially shot films of eccentric European rituals, from the annual, visceral drum jams of Calanda in Spain to the very English display of the Derby Boys Brigade. These were always projected through the thrashing performers and their ‘whirlwind dervish jigs around the junkyard, all sulphurous vocals and burning fiddles'.
OX-2 Left Hand Right Hand - New Beat For China · Vol·2· (A Dedication... June 3rd 1989!) album art Various Various - New Beat For China · Vol·2· (A Dedication... June 3rd 1989!)(Cass, Comp, C60) Jin-Hua Prod. OX-2 Netherlands 1990 Sell This Version