Haujobb noizstepper

May 26, 2015
Haujobb would be a great act, if they would avoid singing.
As fantastic Daniel and Dejan are as composers as inapt their vocals are on most of the tunes.

Haujobb Fokkers_Fate72

November 6, 2017
I've heard this kind of criticism before. Never agreed though. While certainly not as harmonic and versatile as many synth-pop/electro acts, I always though Myer's vox was perfect for the icy cold electronic wizardry that Haujobb makes. This is not to say they haven't made some wonderful instrumental/ambient tracks as well but I like most of the vox even if some of the lyrical content can sound a bit bizarre. My only complaint is that the last 2 albums have been lacking the vocal hooks that make me want to revisit the material like earlier releases.

Haujobb JustinMooney

October 3, 2017

Haujobb Steven_PSN-14

January 25, 2016
I read this comment before hearing any Haujobb track and I expected some horrible generic-sounding EBM vocals... but it was not the case. In my opinion, Myer and Samardzic's vocals are okay.

Haujobb Maestrinho

January 14, 2013
edited over 4 years ago
"Haujobb" is a poor German attempt at a direct translation (≈"hide"+"job") of the English word "skinjob", which of course means cheap leather imitation ("replicated skin"). In the movie Bladerunner, "skinjob" is used as a derogatory term employed to liken the bio-droids to furniture, thereby depriving them of human characteristics and emphasizing their role as property. This double meaning of the word is subsequently lost on the Germans, but then again they're not a very subtle or imaginative people, are they ;) Their translators really should have referred to the replicants along the line of "Pegamoids", "Klarinos" or "Skypuppen", i.e. brands of Kunstleder instead.

Haujobb UniversalNation

July 31, 2013
"Haujobb" is probably better seen as a mishmash of "Haut" ("skin" in German) and "Job". Mumble "Hautjob" for yourself and see ;)

Haujobb Soundscan

February 22, 2013
Best comment ever!!! :D

Haujobb cyboman

October 13, 2010
What about their first demo tape named "Drift Wheeler" which came out in 1993? It's not listed so far? Want! :oD

Haujobb as reviewed by antares

January 2, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
Haujobb is a term from the movie "Bladerunner". It is the encoded order to kill a replicant (a kind of android).