Cheap 'n' Nasty

Real Name:
Cheap 'n' Nasty
Cheap 'n' Nasty is a Dutch punk band, founded in 1980.

Years Active: 1980 – 1982 (3 years)

Founded in Leiden, the Netherlands

Herman (male vocals/toy saxophone, 1980-1982)
Terry (bass/female vocals1980-1981)
Maarten (drums, 1980-1981)
Kees (guitar, 1980-1981)
Ria (drums, 1980-1981)
Captain Sensible of The Damned (replacement drums when Ria was ill and Maarten unfindable, in The Hague, Paard van Troje, 1981)
Raphaelle Devins (saxophone, 1981)
Marco (guitar, 1981-1982)
Heleen (bass, 1981-1982)
Pim (drums,1981-1982)
Andrea (bass, 1981-1982)

Lyrics: Lyrics are criticisms of the fashion industry, of how tourists see punks, of Big Pharma, of (religious) hypocrisy, of military expenditure, about a Martian invasion, etc.

Description: They have been called 'experimental punk' or 'the bridge between punk and post-punk' and played on a United States radio program podcast on 'female-fronted post-punk'. Labels like 'post-punk' are problematic. Then, you basically get the idea that everything that is more than 5% different from the first three Ramones albums is no longer punk. Cheap ’n’ Nasty love the Ramones, but they don't think that all punk bands should sound like them.

Punk is about individuals thinking for themselves. X-ray Spex added a saxophone. The Raincoats a violin. Sid Vicious, very differently again, added lots of violins in My Way. John McGeoch of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Kees in Cheap'n'Nasty added an unusual guitar sound.

All 4 songs on their EP, recorded in Dordrecht on 7 March 1981 in one day, were written by Cheap'n'Nasty bass player/female lead vocalist Terry. Even so, all songs have their own individual character. The record is on the band's own label, Smashstick Plastics.

The recordings of the EP “Cover Girl” took place at the same recording studio at the Zuidendijk, Dordrecht, where the Brommers did their 7”. The basic tracks were recorded in basically one take with rhythm guitar only. Ria was invited to do the drums on No More Violence (on TV). Terry sang for the band to keep track. Next voice recordings. Kees added solo guitar. The bass was put to the max in the mix, yet couldn’t completely meet up with the dirty live sound of the Fender Bassman.

British rock weekly Sounds called it the second-best record of the week. 'Original ideas and a unique slant, but not less punk'.

Dutch Haarlem fanzine Nononsense: 'the best punk band in the Netherlands'.

Dutch 'post-punk' avantgardist magazine Vinyl wrote (translated):

(Terry, Herman, Maarten, Kees, Ria)
E.P, Covergirl, Unknown, I'm a photomodel, No more violence on Smashstick Plastics records 001
Cheap'n'Nasty were recently the support band for the Mo-dettes; where they, according to Joke, our reporter, played a great punky show. Then, we got their EP for reviewing. Well, the 4 songs on this record are very original and well played. You really can hear that C'n'N are (have been?) punk fans. However, all kinds of excellent musical finds have been worked into the songs. Especially 'I am a photomodel' is first class. Without any reservations, worth buying. I feel like cheering.

Singles & EPs

smaspla 001 Cheap 'n' Nasty - Covergirl E.P. album art Cheap 'n' Nasty Covergirl E.P.(7", EP) Smashstick Plastics smaspla 001 Netherlands 1981 Sell This Version