Topo (5)Compositions & Recordings

Spanish pop-rock band founded in 1979 by Jose Luis Jiménez and Lene Laina, ex-members from Asfalto, with Víctor Ruiz (keyboards, from "Aluvión") and Terry Barrios (drums, from "Los Zurdos" and Franklin (10)). They released "Topo" in 1979, a pop-rock LP featuring "Mis amigos", but soon they followed a more pop fashion.

In 1984 Jiménez founded a new band with Cacho Casal replacing Barrios on drums, Luis Cruz (guitars & vocals) and Pablo Salinas (keyboards, guitars, vocals). They split-up in the late 80s, but in 1998 Jiménez and Laina re-joined the band with Roger Castro (drums) and Sergio Cisneros (keyboards).


* Topo (Chapa, 1979)
* Prêt à porter (Chapa, 1980)
* Marea negra (Epic, 1982)
* Ciudad de músicos (Snif, 1986)
* Mis amigos están vivos (Chapa, 1988)
* La jaula del silencio (Pies, 2000)
* Prohibido mirar atrás (The Fish Factory, 2010)