Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra

The Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra is co-leaded by the trumpeter Thad Jones and the drummer Mel Lewis
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The orchestra came into existence as a rehearsal band around 1965.The first public appearance was at the Village Vanguard jazzclub NYC in 1967 where the legendary Monday Night Concert series started. The band performed ca 12 years in the original incarnation and had world wide tours with several stays at Domicile, Munich, in the '70ies, recorded by Radio Bavaria. In 1978 Thad moved to Copenhagen (Denmark). The band was continued by the remaining leader Mel Lewis, then as The Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra. After the death of Mel Lewis in 1990 the orchestra was continued under the name The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. Trombonist John Mosca is responsible for the band at the moment. The Monday Night sessions at the Village Vanguard are continued