Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For December 2015

Y'know, as soon as I opened up the top 30 for December of 2015, I had this funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's's...well...

You ever get that feeling that you've been here before, that this isn't the first time this has all happened? I mean, it seems like it was just May of last year when Lonely Every Day from the Golden Earrings shot all the way to the #1 spot in our top 30 with a price tag of nearly $3400.00. It does make some sense that I'd feel this is way too familiar, right? Collectors love the fact that there are only around 25 existing copies of this angsty 1965 single from our favorite Dutch rockers, so you have to believe it'd pop up every now and then in the top 30. You see, some info on the sleeve came out all weird in translation. Yeah, that's right: at one point in time a grammatical error would force a record company to recall a pressing. What a strange world.

Stranger still is this sneaking suspicion that there was also a limited Nirvana 7" in the top five back in May, going for right around $2000.00. That seems a little harder to swallow, though. I mean, Love Buzz b/w Big Cheese? That sounds like something I used to order at Burger King. Well, the stats don't lie. It was the second most expensive item in the marketplace in December. Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce: these early Kurt rarities won't upset us.

Rounding out the top five this month, we've got the most infamous Beatles album cover variant at number three: a tight shot of Ringo's junk gracing Please Please Me. Aw, just kidding! It's the 'babies and meat' version of Yesterday And Today, and it brought home $1892.00. Slightly less cute at #4 (but only slightly) is It's Summer, a hidden gem from 1979 with soulful vocals and groove for days. It's also rare enough to net you around $1630.00 if you've got a copy of this Marlon Hunter rarity just lying around in your garage. I'll be the bearer of bad news, though: you don't. You almost certainly don't have a spare pressing of People Like You either; it's a trippy little folk album from John Villemonte, who apparently had a lot to say about, you know, society and the human experience. And stuff. Oh, plus flutes and harps and 12-string guitars and all those other noises you could get away with in the mid '70s. Aw, I'm just jealous because I also don't have an extra copy floating around. There are only a couple hundred original LPs that survive, after all. This probably explains how it got to #5 on our list with a $1619.00 price tag. I mean, it does and it doesn't.

Elsewhere in the top 30, well, you ever get that feeling that you've been here before, that this isn't the first time this has all happened? I mean, it seems like it was just last month that we were talking about extravagant box sets from rock royalty, the first EP that Iron Maiden ever released, and kaleidoscopic pressings of the Smiths' debut album from Germany. Was it something I ate? That's the last time I order a Love Buzz and Big Cheese, I can tell you that much.

There's plenty more fun to be had in the top 30. We got free jazz. Seriously, I never thought I'd see the day where Sun Ra streaked across the top 30 constellations, but I'm overjoyed that Secrets Of The Sun made the cut. We got foundational British folk. If you've not yet given your ears over to Five Leaves Left, the debut album from Nick Drake, go find a copy right now, even if it costs you $1000.00. We got whatever the hell is going on with the 1619 Bad Ass Band's eponymous first record, and I think anything else I say about that will just ruin the magic. We got almost 20 other records that are just waiting for your eyeballs, and they're all laid out for your viewing pleasure right on the other side of this post.

One last thing before I go: you ever get that feeling that you've been here before, that this isn't the first time this has all happened? I mean, it seems like...oh, whatever: THERE ARE MORE BEATLES RECORDS IN THE TOP 30. Which ones, though? Is the suspense too much? Well, what are you waiting for! Oh, right: the link. Just click on over to the Discogs Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold list from November 2015 to find the answers you've been desperate to get at since the start of this paragraph. Please remember, though: curiosity got the plastic doll covered in steak bits and slapped on the front of a compilation. Consider yourself forewarned.

Samba! (I Have No Idea What I'm Talking About!)

With Carnival (or Carnaval, depending on where on earth you're celebrating) currently going on in many parts of the world, we felt it was a good time to share what Discogs users feel are some of the best Samba records in the database. Samba is a style which I am not totally familiar with, so checking out the most wanted and most collected releases was more of a learning experience for me than anything else! I hope you enjoy this list, please share down below some choice finds!

Azymuth - "Águia Não Come Mosca"

Azymuth released a disco record I enjoy very much, and I have been pretty pleased by anything else that's run through my hands. This seems to be no exception, although like many else in this list, I'm not familiar with it yet.

Jorge Ben - "Fôrça Bruta"

This sounds absolutely amazing based on the audio samples tied to the release page. Doesn't seem to run too pricey for an original versus a reissue copy either.

Banda Black Rio - "Maria Fumaça"

I am guessing that a lot of the demand here is for the particular funkiness this record seems to exude, but the style is still strongly present here.

Os Novos Baianos - "Acabou Chorare"

I see why this release is in demand too. Very nice chill vibes from what I listened to: Nice and mellow.

Antonio Adolfo - "Viralata"

Cats and dogs living together in peace! Sounds heavy on the jazz end of things. Good sound though.

Caetano Veloso - "Transa"

Woah. Psychedelic Samba? What is this? This sounds amazing. I learn so much doing these blog posts. Taking time to explore the database is a great way to learn more about amazing music.

Célia - "Célia"

Stunning vocals here. I know so little!

Gal E Caetano Veloso - "Domingo"

Gal Costa needed to make it to this list. A fantastic vocalist and I have none to my name. Some day!

Emílio Santiago - "Emílio Santiago"

I think this record is getting a good deal of its Wantlist love from the heavy funk vein it has. Still a fantastic piece.

That about does it for me for this one! Let me know what your favorites are down below!

Engineering Updates January 14th - 27th

Features, Updates, & Chores

  • Added a language selection banner for certain users
  • Added media-type option to Release and Master Release notes in the API
  • Updated API rate-limit to 240 requests per minute per IP
  • Switched on HTTPS support for all pages (more on this soon)
  • Added Wantlist and Collection filtering and sorting for the iOS Discogs App (which is still in Beta)

Bug Fixes

  • Released several iOS bug fixes to our Discogs App beta testers
  • Several updates for our Submission Form beta
  • One-off data fixes for some discrepancies on a couple artist pages

As a reminder, if you have any questions or suggestions about development-related items please make a post in our development forum; thanks!

Discogs Mix 43- J. Rocc

From February 5th to 7th, J Dilla’s mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey will be presenting the second annual J Dilla Weekend festival in Miami, FL, celebrating the life and legacy of the legendary artist. In anticipation of the event, we present a mix in promotion of Dilla's latest posthumous release, Dillatronic, by one of the finest DJ's out there, J. Rocc.

One of the original turntablists, J. Rocc founded the Beat Junkies in 1992 with Melo-D and Rhettmatic, but has done just as much on his own as in a group setting. He began DJing in the mid-'80s with a California group named PSK. Soon after forming, the Beat Junkies became a seminal force in the rise of instrumental hip-hop, including core member Babu plus future stars Shortkut and D-Styles.

In addition to numerous mixtapes and his own production for various Stones Throw Records releases, J. Rocc has been the DJ for Madlib's live shows since the early 2000's, was the 3rd member of Jaylib (Madlib & J Dilla) during the group's live events, and collaborated with Madlib on Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6: A Tribute to J Dilla. J. Rocc's first album of his own original production, Some Cold Rock Stuf, was released in 2011. Since then, J. Rocc has continued to travel the world as an in demand DJ, and also hosts the Adventures In Stereo radio show on Los Angeles radio station KPFK.

Performers at the festival include Black Thought, Bun B, Jay Electronica, DJ Premier, Slum Village, 9th Wonder, D.I.T.C. luminaries Diamond D and A.G., Royce Da 5’9”, Blu & Exile, Rapsody, Kev Brown, DJ Craze, and many more. In addition to performances from the above hip hop legends and leaders of the now-school, J Dilla Weekend will also feature producer panels, BBQs, photo/art exhibits, meet and greets, and other events celebrating Jay Dee's life and legacy. This year also includes an official Dilla Record Exchange, presented by Discogs, which will feature a special all-45s DJ set by Diamond D! You can order your tickets for the event online.

Top 5 Most Asked Questions For Community Support

The Question Is What Is The Question

Last week, our Support Team received the most Support Requests ever in a week: over 1800. Some of them were the result of site related issues, but in general, the number of requests has been growing steadily as more and more people are finding their way to Discogs. Of course we're happy to help, and we aim to do so within 24 hours, but to reduce your waiting time, here is the Top 5 of Most Asked Questions (and the answers as well!):

1. I have created an account, why haven't I received my activation code?

When you create an account, but do not receive an activation link in your personal email inbox within 24 hours, there are usually two options:

  • The email got caught in your spam filter - in which case the issue can easily get resolved by checking your spam box and recovering the message from there.
  • If you can't find the message in your spam, the system may be blocking your account due to an issue on another account you have created. For example, if you have forgotten about an overdue invoice on another account you own, then you will not be permitted to create a new account until that invoice is paid. If you believe that your account may be blocked due to issues on another one of your Discogs accounts, then it's a good idea to contact Support, so they can help!

2. Why did I receive an invoice for something I never sold?

When you are selling on Discogs, you will receive a fee invoice once a month. You can see your invoice date on your Billing page. Invoices only include orders that:

  • are 15 days old or older (so your buyer has had enough time to make payment), and
  • haven't been cancelled, merged or paid for on a prior invoice.

Please understand that all orders that have not been cancelled, are seen as successful: It is up to you to keep your order statuses up to date. Of course we wouldn't expect you to pay the fee for an unsuccessful order. You can cancel an order before your invoice date, or receive a fee credit if the order gets cancelled after you have paid the fee for it. If the applicable cancellation option is not available to you, please contact our support staff for assistance. Make sure to provide the order number, reason for cancellation and proof of refund (if issued) in your message.

3. Help, I received a damaged/the wrong/no item!

That sucks. We know. But before contacting the Support Team, and before leaving negative feedback for the seller, there are a few things you can do:

  • Contact the seller to let them know what happened. Use the message option on the order page, so your message becomes part of the order history. Most sellers will be just as disappointed as you are, and will do their best to find a solution.
  • If the seller doesn't respond to your message within 4 days, you can use the Seller Not Responding option to send them a reminder.
  • If you can't come to an agreement, you can contact Support for advice. We do not handle payments, so our advice might be to contact your payment method at this stage, but that depends on the situation. You can find more information in our help doc for Disagreements in the Marketplace.

4. Why does Discogs not have an option to...? (fill in any feature you'd like to see on Discogs)

Well, we have been really busy. We have been rolling out features, and there are many more we'd like to develop. While our Support Team cannot action any feature requests, they can refer you to our forum to post your suggestions there (that way the Discogs Community and our developers can brainstorm about it). So you could also post it there directly, in:

5. I added a record, but it doesn't show up under the Master Release. How do I fix that?

That's a pretty easy fix, although the first time it can look a bit complicated (we're working on simplifying the process!). Check out this step-by-step explanation and you will be mastering it soon.

By the way, you can always check our help section for any other questions you may have, and if you can't find what you're looking for, be sure to contact us!

An Interview With Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey

Ma Dukes

At nearly exactly 10 years after his passing, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey will be presenting The Second Annual J Dilla Weekend festival in Miami, FL. From February 5th to 7th 2016, the festival celebrates the life and work of James Dewitt Yancey, more commonly known as Jay Dee, and more commonly that that, J Dilla. With only just over a week to go to J Dilla Weekend, we had the honor of speaking with Ma Dukes, J Dilla’s mother, about the festival and her son.

What would you like to share with Discogs’ readers about J Dilla Weekend?

I guess the first thing I'd like to share is how absolutely excited I am to return to Miami for one the most spectacular events ever in honor of my son James Dewitt Yancey aka J Dilla.

You have a background in music and so does Dilla’s father. Can you tell us about yours and Mr. Yancey’s experiences with creating or performing music? Do either of you appear on any recordings?

Wow, that's a new question. Well as some know, Mr. Yancey was a Doo Wop crooner from the 50's era. Also a Jazz artist that played upright bass as well as keys. He belonged to a group called The Ivies. They recorded on the Roulette and Brunswick labels. I was a Detroit hometown girl that had very few friends due to my musical likes. I loved Opera and classics. I sang and studied religious chamber music and did enjoy time with family listening to and singing the Motown hits during gatherings. Mr. Yancey and I did a couple collars on Pop music styles that were copywritten and recorded. I believe (Dilla’s younger brother) Illa J is going to redo a couple this coming year. Dilla always had us on standby to record background for a couple tracks. He wanted some Manhattan Transfer quality on a project and asked our quartet "The Larks" to prepare for it. Never quite had time to squeeze us into a session.

Can you tell us about any of your personal favorite records or artists? Also, are there any contemporary artists that you are currently enjoying?

My personal favorite artists are classic artists. Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington. My favorite operatic artist is Leontyne Price. My quiet alone time artists are Céline Dion and Barbra Steisand.

You’ve spoken in the past about how it was obvious from the beginning that for Dilla, music was “it”. Who were some of Dilla’s favorite artists when he was a child?

Yes, Dilla was a musical creature period. He came to bring the gift of music through a different channel as a fusion that tied and bound the unsuspecting soul. Music was his all in all. He enjoyed Jazz early on. James Brown was the force beneath his ever moving energy and creativity. James Brown ruled! There was a message in the music that he received and helped him rise to a greater level of understanding.

It’s been said that Pete Rock was his idol as far as Hip-Hop production goes. Are there any artists that we might be surprised to learn that Dilla dug?

Pete Rock was very much Dilla's idol. He was proud to tell anyone. He had mad respect for him. His kindred spirit was Questlove. The sheer joy and excitement of collaborating and the vibe of working with the greatest drummer ever! There's much to be said for an artist that loves his God given talent and is staunch in his commitment to quality and standing alone in a quest for the best. I don't think he ever knew of the sheer enjoyment my son got out of the sessions. It meant the absolute world to him. Surprise favorite artists: YZ and Digable Planets.

I’m sure that while he was here, an incredible amount of artists wanted a Dilla beat and that at some points he had to say “no.” What were some of the qualities that Dilla looked for in an artist that made him want to work with said artist?

The key to getting Dilla to find the time was your work ethic and dedication to the art. Money meant nothing on a scale being weighed on the other side by dedication and sweat. Quality and timeless music reigned.

Were there any artists in particular that Dilla especially enjoyed working with?

Dilla enjoyed working with all the artists he produced for. If he didn't think you had it, he'd turn you down no matter how much was on the table.

There have been many musical tributes to Dilla over the years. My favorite is Suite For Ma Dukes, which was incredible. What were your feelings when you heard Dilla’s creations reimagined by a 60-piece orchestra?

My feelings about the Suite For Ma Dukes can't be put into words. I still find it hard to swallow while listening. It's the highest honor that my son and I could have ever received. I'm eternally grateful for this body of work. It's a masterpiece!!

I know this is a tough question (I probably couldn’t come up with a definitive answer!), but what are a couple of your favorite Dilla creations?

My favorite Dilla creations are too many to name. I enjoy every single track. However, Stakes Is High, Vivrant Thing, and my good morning track: Eve Remix by Spacek

Please tell us about the J Dilla Foundation.

The J Dilla Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to raising funds to compliment urban area small groups geared towards the needs of today's youth that have talents that are hidden, or the awareness of the arts that are non-existent, in most public schools nationwide. The foundation is worldwide and is focused on raising awareness of the arts and creating well-rounded citizens, with a focus on higher education through the arts.

The J Dilla Foundation, my tribute to my son, has been recently renamed The James Dewitt Yancey Foundation in honor of my son and his father Dewitt. Due to his induction into the new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, I felt it was time to recognize my son as a full grown genius of a man; his given name as he shall be remembered by the entire world, not just his hip hop community. My son also composed Jazz and Neo Soul.

Performers at the festival include Black Thought, Bun B, Jay Electronica, DJ Premier, Slum Village, 9th Wonder, D.I.T.C. luminaries Diamond D and A.G., Royce Da 5’9”, Blu & Exile, Rapsody, Kev Brown, DJ Craze, and many more. In addition to performances from the above hip hop legends and leaders of the now-school, J Dilla Weekend will also feature producer panels, BBQs, photo/art exhibits, meet and greets, and other events celebrating Jay Dee's life and legacy. This year also includes an official Dilla Record Exchange, presented by Discogs, which will feature a special all-45s DJ set by Diamond D! You can order your tickets for the event online.

J Dilla Weekend Flyer

New Releases In 2016 That We Can't Wait For

When thinking about the upcoming 2016 music releases, it’s hard to believe we are not even a month into 2016. David Bowie has really set the bar high, releasing his much anticipated Blackstar album and then sadly dying three days later. Not only does Bowie’s latest release bring high anticipation for the music year to come, there is also the long list of artists that have so far announced new music for 2016. Some bands will be releasing their first full length album in a decade so many releases to watch out for this year!

A list of a few releases worth keeping an eye out for include:


Not only are they releasing a new album this year but they have recently been announced for some major European music festivals which will also hopefully mean a full tour. This 9th album to follow 2011’s "The King of Limbs" could drop any day now so keep your eyes peeled closely to the W.A.S.T.E. website.

PJ Harvey

It’s been nearly 5 years since PJ Harvey released "Let England Shake". "The Hope Six Demolition Project" will be released on April 15th on Island Records and will be followed with a run of summer festival dates.

Iggy Pop and Josh Homme

"Post Pop Depression" is the name of the new Iggy Pop album that will be released in March 2016. Iggy, who is now 68 years old, had recorded the album in secret with Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stoneage), Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) on drums and Dean Fertita (Queens Of The Stoneage, Dead Weather) on guitars and keyboards. Earlier this week, they surprised everyone with their performance of "Gardenia" in the Late Show. Once released, Iggy will apparently be announcing a tour for the album with the band.

The Last Shadow Puppets

Side project of Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner & former The Rascals frontman Miles Kane. This release will be the follow up to "The Age Of The Understatement" from 8 years ago.

The Strokes

It’s only been 3 years since The Strokes last release, however most members have been busy with their own solo or side projects the last few years, so it is nice to see them together in the studio again. Announced to play at the The Governors Ball Music Festival and hopefully more festivals and side shows in the summer.


"Hopelessness" with be the title of the first release from Anohni (formerly Antony Hegarty) and should be released in spring this year. Co-produced by Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never and surrounding Anohini’s transgender transformation from Antony to Anohni, I am curious to see what this experimental record has in store for us.

Other artists that will be releasing music this year:

Animal Collective - "Painting With" will be released next month (Feb).

Underworld - "Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future" - release date March 18th.

Chromatics - "Dear Tommy"

Red Hot Chili Peppers



Violent Femmes - "We Can Do Anything" - to be released March 4th. The bands first new album in 15 years.

Guns N' Roses

Sigur Rós

Spiritualized - this new album will be produced by Youth from Killing Joke.

The Jesus And Mary Chain

Grandaddy - first new album in 11 years.

De La Soul - release date April 2016.

And finally a few releases that snuck into January that are definitely worth a listen: Savages (2) ‎– "Adore Life", Ty Segall ‎– "Emotional Mugger" and Hinds ‎– "Leave Me Alone".

Missing anything on this list? We're curious to hear what releases you are looking forward to this year!

My Quest For A Portable Turntable

Audio-technica Sound Burger Turntable

My interest in portable turntables was cultivated whilst working the Discogs stall at the Utrecht Record Fair. Occasionally, I'd see a collector walk past with some kind of device I hadn't seen before. When someone who had one stopped at our booth for a chat, I got them to show me it. It was a battery powered record player / tape deck!

Is your Turntable in Gearogs? Add it here.

After seeing this, of course I got home and started researching portable turntables. I found a reasonable number of them, from the 1960's onwards. The older ones were much less 'portable', more like suit cases, and were usually mains powered. I needed something truly portable, so these wouldn't do.


So I started looking at modern turntables I could buy new. The Vestax Handytrax seems to come out top here, and certainly seemed interesting. However, there was something about it's design that didn't quite gel with me... and it seemed a bit bulky for what I wanted.

Vestax Handytrax

That's why I started looking for something in the middle (this tale is starting to sound like Goldilocks and the three bears!). There were some portable turntables made in the 80s that looked interesting. Sony did some called the 'Flamingo' (PS-F5 and PS-F9) that played the records standing upright. These look amazing, with their retro 80s Walkman styling. There are some downsides however. First of all, the record has to be lowered into the slot, the machine doesn't open up. I thought it would be hard to do that with an expensive vinyl without scratching / marking it! Second, it is linear tracking, and so jumping between tracks would be slow and not very precise, not great for checking out a record. Third, they seem to be really collectable and go for a fair bit in the secondhand market!

Sony PS-F5

That meant the Sony was ruled out. What else? Well, in the 80s, Audio-technica had made their own take on this concept. Called the 'Sound Burger', the shape is similar to the Sony, and it is battery powered, but there the similarities end. The Sound Burger is designed to be played flat, like a normal turntable. The arm is also a normal manual turntable arm, so skipping between tracks is fast. Finally, by all accounts it is actually a reasonable quality device, taking a good needle and with light tracking.

Yellow Sound Burger

My choice was made, I wanted an Audio-technica Sound Burger AT727! I looked on the usual auction site for some months, but they didn't come up very often, and when they did, they were in another country, or expensive, or broken. As luck would have it though, I happened to come across not one, not two, but THREE of them up for auction at another auction site for electronic musical instruments that holds an auction every 6 months. The stage was set, these turntables were atypical for this auction, who's bread and butter are vintage synthesisers. There were no bids on any of the Sound Burgers, and the starting prices were very low. I bid on one. Then I thought, maybe I should bid on another one, just in case I lose the first bid. Then I thought, well, I have two under bid, and the cost of all three, if I get them at the low bid price, is about the same as I'd pay for one usually. They were also all different colours. Ok so I bid on all three. And won!

So, I was in possession of the three Soundburgers after a couple of weeks. They needed the belts changed, which I got from a guy in Portugal, and a couple of them needed some basic electrical work (new trim pots). I got them all working, cleaned up, photographed, and entered into Gearogs!

I took one over to the Utrecht record fair soon after, it was for sure useful being able to listen to record right there at the stalls! On my last visit to Portland, I also took one with me, plus a JBL Flip 3 portable speaker. It was great being able to listen to my USA vinyl purchases in my hotel room after a hard day at Discogs. I didn't manage to use one in the airplane however, maybe next time!

Three Sound Burgers

Preview: J Dilla Weekend

Discogs presents J Dilla record exchange

J Dilla is celebrated as one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time. This February, almost exactly a decade after he passed away in 2006, the 2nd annual J Dilla Weekend festival celebrates his life and legacy. The event will be held from February 5th - 7th in the Wynwood section of Miami, FL. and Discogs is honored to be part of the event! Our Community Manager Liz explains how that collaboration came about:

"A rep from Nature Sounds reached out to me about the possible collaboration. We share a common interest in preserving the legacy of J Dilla and other artists that have contributed so much to the music industry. Hip Hop has deep roots that go back 45+ years. Personally, I see hip hop as a movement and a lifestyle that resonates with DJs, labels, break dancers, graffiti artists and turntablists. It's a living, breathing genre that's consistently evolving."

What will the weekend look like?
"The weekend is jammed packed! In addition to performances from high-profile artists and DJs, Slum Village, Bun B, Black Thought, Jay Electronica, Diamond D, A.G, DJ Premier, Royce 5'9", 9th Wonder, Rapsody, Chuck Strangers, A-F-R-O, Kev Brown and many more, J Dilla Weekend also features producer panels, BBQs, photo/art exhibits, meet and greets, and other events celebrating Jay Dee's life and legacy. This year also features an official Dilla Record Exchange."

How is Discogs involved in the J Dilla Weekend?
"Discogs & Vinylhub's primary sponsorship is the J Dilla Record Exchange. The exchange will provide the opportunity for enthusiasts to buy, sell and trade records. DJs will be on the scene spinning all day which provides a nice backdrop to dig by. We will be on site to hand out swag, answer questions and connect with our users. The Record Exchange takes place from 12-6 PM on Saturday the 6th of Feb, so be sure to drop by!"

Can we expect to see Discogs at more events in the future?
Definitely. We'll be expanding other Discogs events again this year, visiting multiple cities and countries. Keep an eye out our for our 2016 Crate Diggers series... announcements coming soon!