Various ‎– Columbiastyles [Popkomm.edition 1998]

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Columbia ‎– COL SAMPCD 5843
2 × CD, Promo, Sampler
Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock, Funk / Soul, Pop
Alternative Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Indie Rock, Krautrock, Heavy Metal, Bounce, Disco, Power Pop, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Europop, Brit Pop, Electro


1.1 JD* & Mariah Carey Sweetheart 4:45
1.2 Brixx Most Def 4:19
1.3 John Forté* Ninety Nine 3:44
1.4 Wyclef Jean To All The Girls 4:18
1.5 Plastik Tief 3:59
1.6 Thomas D & Udo Schöbel Frisör 3:34
1.7 Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz We Will Ball 3:58
1.8 N'TYCE* We Come To Party 3:08
1.9 Pas De Deux (2) Feat. Windsor Robinson Je T'aime
Featuring – Windsor Robinson
1.10 REACT (3) Let's Go All The Way 3:44
1.11 Daniel Hall Nothing For Nothing 4:08
1.12 Anggun Snow On The Sahara 4:19
1.13 Esthero Heaven Sent 4:30
1.14 Mira Kay Mesmerize 3:51
1.15 Johnson It Could Be 4:15
1.16 Herbert Knebels Affentheater Wursthekenschlangen 4:43
2.1 Aerosmith I Don't Want To Miss A Thing 4:58
2.2 Midnight Oil Redneck Wonderland 3:09
2.3 Toto Goin' Home 4:08
2.4 Bic Runga Sway 4:23
2.5 The Getaway People Chocolate 4:34
2.6 Lemonbabies Diving 3:11
2.7 Franka Potente & Thomas D Wish (Komm Zu Mir) 4:08
2.8 DJ Rap Bad Girl 3:49
2.9 DJ FK Rock The Most 3:38
2.10 Mundstuhl Bon Scott 1:26
2.11 Slayer Stain Of Mind 3:24
2.12 Stabbing Westward Save Yourself 4:13
2.13 System Of A Down Spiders 3:35
2.14 Flick Freezer Burnt 2:24
2.15 Jeff Buckley Everybody Here Wants You 4:45
2.16 Fresh Paint Shalali Lala 3:11
2.17 Eric Benz Ich Vermisse Dich 4:15
2.18 Cuba Libre Sierra Madre 3:18


  • Photography – Jo Van Den Berg

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Other: 12-005843-10

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here is my interpretation of the goldmine standard ratings.
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this grade i use only for 100% top quality, definitely unplayed records.
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unplayed vinyl without inner sleeves that gathered dust on the open sleeve side cannot be mint.
a cover with the tiniest writing on cannot be mint.

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the near mint grade should satisfy every critical collector except some overzealous pedants.
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cover has been used, has creases, maybe some writing on, a cut-out,
maybe partly broken through on the side.
if you want to play the record on a party to friends, fine.
if you want to test your hi-fi equipment, find a better one.
if you want a record as investment, find a mint one.

good in goldmine standard words to me means acceptable.
acceptable when you can bear scratches & obvious prior dj-usage.
cover is torn or badly written on.

i dont rate generic black or white doublehole sleeves.
usually their condition is similar to the record rated.
writing on generic covers doesn't count.
price-tag-rips on generic covers don't count.
since they're generic i don't care much, as long as the inner sleeve is fine.
bad covers i will replace with good ones.

# some remarks on general handling:
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i replace the standard paper inner sleeves with high-quality antistatic silklike sleeves
and replace the record in a separat generic cover outside the original cover and sleeves.

i do this for almost all my records (except for sealed records).

records covers are put inside a protective plastic cover. (always!)

this helps a lot to maintain the condition it was in when i got it.


the goldmine standards does not refer to CD's,
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i don't rate jewelcases, or generic sleeves (exept. there are sealed and also mint!).
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any used CD could be mint.
many CD´s i have played for myself and rated later near mint would be listet by other sellers as mint.. anyway.

if i bought a new CD there was not factory sealed, i rate this CD near mint
(of course i have never played this CD before).
near mint CD´s has no marks at all.
digipaks and booklets have no creases, maybe a fingerprint.

VG+ CD´s:
CD has minor visible mark(s).
digipaks and booklet have minimal creases.

VG CD´s:
cd is used and has visible marks or minor scratches.
booklets have creases or folds.
digipaks have worn corners or sides.
digipaks might have some broken plastic holding-pins.

usually i don't sell CD´s i'd rate less than vg.
exep. i have a verry rare one, in this case you can read the item details

i do not rate the condition of the standard CD cases, but the booklet & back or front inlay.
CD cases with cracked parts i replace with functional or new ones.

i do not sell CD's with bad scratches or marks.


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