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Discogs Is Rolling Out a New and Improved Master Release Page

Master Release pages in the Discogs Database compile all possible versions of a piece of music. The Master Release can be a gateway to finding the specific record, box set, CD, or cassette you want.

This year, Discogs is rolling out improvements to the Database, which include a new way to search for releases from the Master Release page.

What’s New for You?

Simpler Way to Find Versions

The biggest upgrade is the brand-new Versions feature on every Master Release that allows you to easily search for a specific release without leaving the page.

All the most important details for each release are under the Versions section. Click the chevron icon next to a version to see an overview of the release’s ratings, sales history, and current Marketplace prices. Click the photo and scroll through a full image gallery for that version.

Screenshot of Discogs new Versions tool on a Master Release page

With the Versions tool, you can also add multiple filters to refine the releases surfaced in the feature. The filters will help you narrow down the number of versions of the Master Release and hone in on specific releases.

Versions will replace the Find Your Version pop-up.

Shortcut to Your Wantlist

With the Versions feature, you can add releases directly to your Wantlist. For example: Maybe you want a vinyl version of an album, but you’re not particular about whether it’s the original pressing or a reissue. You just want to be alerted when a copy is on sale. Use the Versions feature to filter for the vinyl format, then add those to your Wantlist using the “Add to Wantlist” dropdown at the top right of the tool.

Screenshot of the filters available on Discogs new Versions tool on the Master Release page with the Add to Wantlist button

Faster Load Times

Discogs wants to deliver the info you’re looking for as soon as possible. It may not be noticeable at first, but this new Master Release page will load more quickly, saving you time on your expedition through the largest recorded music database in the world.

When Can I See These Updates?

By the end of February, you will see the updates if you are logged out of your Discogs account (or if you simply don’t have a Discogs account). At this time, some account holders who are logged in will also be able to test the changes.

By the beginning of March, some account holders logged into their Discogs accounts will be able to opt into the rollout. If you want to give it a spin, look for the button labeled Master Release Beta Version.

By the end of March, everyone will see the improvements!

Why Change the Master Release Page?

To match other Database pages. Discogs has been steadily improving the key Database pages. The renovated Master Release page mirrors the Release page upgrades that rolled out last year.

To continue improving your experience. Because of these changes to the Master Release page, Discogs can continue paving the way for future design and user experience improvements.

What’s Next?

Discogs is creating the best experience for those researching music in the Database. You can expect further developments to the Master Release page as well as the Artist pages.

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