Профукал 4:41
Падал 7:04
Ждать 3:48
Роган Борн 5:04
Там-Дам 8:15
Слова 3:58
Дебил 3:59
Возле Меня 6:09
Долги (6:40)
Девушки Поют 11:24


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12. November 2010
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Girls Sing (Geometriya)
By David Luhrssen

A Russian rock band that emerged during the glasnost era, Auktyon has reinvented itself. For their first album in 12 years, they called on several well-respected American musicians to fill out their sound.

Playing prominent roles on Girls Sing are John Medeski, guitarist Marc Ribot and Klezmatics’ trumpeter Frank London. Perhaps taking an unconscious page from Stravinsky, Auktyon’s music is intelligent yet relentlessly primitive, their rhythms a little sideways and with echoes of Russian folk music. The edgy American players push them toward what was once considered, back in the late days of the Cold War, the venturesome edges of vanguard rock.

Girls Sing | Geometriya

By TED DROZDOWSKI | March 18, 2008

These long-time Soviet art-rockers drafted Yanks Marc Ribot (guitar), John Medeski (keyboards), and Frank London (trumpet) to help them get their punk on. The results run from the noise-colored cool jazz of “Girls Sing” to the acoustic Gypsy folk mash-up “Slova” to the raucous “Tam-dam.” Although this is a radical departure for Leonid Fedorov (whose whisper/croon/bark vocal style leads the live studio session) and his bandmates, the album sounds like a lost artifact of the late-’80s downtown Manhattan music scene, where even Russian-language lyrics would have fit the no-holds-barred æsthetic. As it is, Fedorov and his group could use more of the sly primitivism he praises in his American comrades, whose game efforts can’t quite keep many of these tunes from sounding a little mannered and reserved. Maybe next time Auktyon should have a little more Stoli before hitting the “RECORD” button.


24. September 2010
geändert over 10 years ago
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"Devushki Poyut (Girls Sing)" official Album

tracklist in english

1. I spoiled it 04:43
2. Fell 07:05
3. Wait 03:46
4. Rogan Born 05:04
5. Tam-dam 08:16
6. Words 03:59
7. Moron 03:59
8. Near me 06:10
9. Debts 06:42
10. Girls Sing 11:25

Original version of this release should have 2 discs and 14 tracks. But the album is published cut down. The original version is made by members of group in several CD-R copies as "Devushkeep Out" with different design.

"Devushkeep Out"Аукцыон-Marc-Ribot-John-Medeski-Ned-Rothenberg-Frank-London-Владимир-Волков-Dev/release/2612193

tracklist in english

Disc 1

1. Rogan Born 05:08
2. Words 03:59
3. Tam-dam 08:12
4. Moron 03:59
5. Fell 07:02
6. Debts 06:42
7. Fell 2 05:01

Disc 2

1. Growl 2:55
2. Girls Sing 11:25
3. I spoiled it 04:41
4. Near me 06:05
5. Be thrilled and decay 6:38
6. Wait 03:49
7. Girls Sing (Live in SPB 2005) 7:58

Tracks 1.7, 2.1, 2.5, 2.7 is unreleased in official Album.


24. September 2010
bezogen auf Девушки Поют, CD, Album, Dig, GEO 012 CD

Auktyon + Marc Ribot, John Medeski, Ned Rothenberg, Frank London, Vladimir Volkov
"Girls Sing"
The last for today album of the legendary St.Petersburg group, which was issued after a 11 year break. It was recorded in US with Tom Waits' guitarist Marc Ribot and other invited stars of alternative music: pianist John Medeski, trumpeter Frank London and saxophonist Ned Rothenberg. Vladimir Volkov, who had already worked with the leader of “Auktyon” Leonid Fedorov on his solo albums and with the band itself on the concerts, also took part in the recording. The sound of the album associates with the later concerts of the group and differs from the classic albums of Auktyon by the atmosphere of the "new improvisational music".