Autechre ‎– elseq 1–5

Warp Records ‎– WARP512
21 × File, WAV, 24bit


elseq 1
1-1 feed1 11:37
1-2 c16 deep tread 12:31
1-3 13x0 step 8:57
1-4 pendulu hv moda 12:15
1-5 curvcaten 6:59
elseq 2
2-1 elyc6 0nset 27:09
2-2 chimer 1-5-1 5:03
2-3 c7b2 13:22
elseq 3
3-1 eastre 22:15
3-2 TBM2 6:44
3-3 mesh cinereaL 24:28
elseq 4
4-1 acdwn2 11:52
4-2 foldfree casual 9:49
4-3 latentcall 14:31
4-4 artov chain 4:04
4-5 7th slip 6:36
elseq 5
5-1 pendulu casual 9:01
5-2 spTh 8:21
5-3 spaces how V 9:57
5-4 freulaeux 11:06
5-5 oneum 11:01


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WARP512 Autechre elseq 1–5(21xFile, MP3, 320) Warp Records WARP512 UK 2016
WARP512 Autechre elseq 1–5(21xFile, WAV, 16b) Warp Records WARP512 UK 2016


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26. Juli 2017
geändert 4 months ago
To me it somehow makes perfect sense NOT to release this on physical formats. These are (alien?) sounds from the distant future. There won't be any vinyl, CD, cassette, MiniDisc or DAT in the year 3.984.


29. November 2016
geändert about 1 year ago
So, just a few days after I scribbled out some thoughts on Autechre's previous record Exai, calling it "one unfriendly beast", the duo drop a release that's even beastlier and less friendly. That'll teach me.

One theory going around is that "elseq" stands for "edited live sequences", as many tracks on this release are basically longer versions of live material played during a 2015 tour. And indeed, if you hunt through last year's AE_LIVE series, you can hear mutated hunks of many bits from elseq.

Like those live recordings, elseq is a digital-only release, which has clearly put off some people. But we've gotten something new in return, as the absence of physical limitations lets the music expand and flesh out ideas that would've been omitted from a CD or LP. The most extreme examples appear on volumes 2 and 3, where we're treated to several 22-minute-plus behemoths.

While I appreciate having that extra room for the standout tracks (and there are many), the longest pieces on elseq test my patience and tend to get skipped. "eastre" is an ominous ambient drone experiment that doesn't really go anywhere; "mesh cinereaL" spends 16 minutes dicking around before finally getting interesting. And "elyc6 0nset" should satisfy anyone wanting to see Autechre go off the deep end completely, as it wobbles off into amelodic bleeps and squelches halfway through its 27 minutes (!) and stays there.

Among the shorter tracks there's lots to enjoy, like "feed1", a sort of palate cleanser before the album proper. It sounds carved out of restless noise — like "Gantz Graf" but less grating — and forms a bubbling groove that clicks for me. "pendulu hv moda" begins bright and cheery before morphing into a nasty, lithe swagger over a fractured hiphop beat. "latentcall" feels like it's continually pushing forward with a spacious reverb sound recalling Exai's best moments. "freulaeux" is a little island of normalcy with a pulsing, cavernous 4/4 Berlin feel, like hearing Basic Channel played in a huge underground warehouse. It features a sort of swelling, constantly-shifting reverb effect that's pretty neat, although unkind to my speakers.

Overall elseq is even more sprawling, ambitious, and extreme than Exai. And that exemplifies what I like about Autechre: their willingness to experiment, to reinvent, to take their music places that are novel, alien and out of our normal comfort zone. This can lead to tedious and frustrating moments (and lord knows, elseq has those)… but I think it's also why Autechre can still produce fresh, creative, somehow futuristic music while many of the contemporaries they've been compared to over the years have retired or confined themselves to one particular style.

If you're wondering how to approach this release, I'd say focus on parts 1, 4, and 5 first.


13. November 2016

(subjective opinion) one composition that really stands out for me here is elseq#3-1 eastre. monstrous piece, i see alien mothership going down with main engine malfunction... brrrr.... shivers


24. September 2016
elseq 3 - is perhaps the best Ae release in 10 years - simply mind-numbingly beautiful - sorry for you if you don't see it.


19. August 2016
Excellent, beautiful, different, once again.

There will of course be the usual bashing, as there always is, from those who don't actually love Autechre, but love a certain PART of Autechre and wish that Autechre would totally destroy their Autechreness by actually making the sound you happened to like the most, over and over with slight variations.


6. August 2016
I've got to be honest, I'm not going to buy this until they put out a physical version. Vinyl is obviously impossible but come on, lads, at least put out a CD!


1. August 2016
Can anyone give an indication of the sound quality of 'mesh cinereaL'. I dipped out on the lossless and bought the LAME mp3. All tracks have plenty of space/dynamics/imagery etc. but the track I mention seems to have a lot of nasty 'grain' in the relentless metallic percussion. It sounds like there's a tear in a cone and is very distracting. Anyone's experience at any file quality would be appreciated.


15. Juni 2016
geändert about 1 year ago

This last Album is one of the less interesting by Autechre, nevertheless its satisfying. Starting with Elseq 1, there's this track that i dislike called "C16 deep tread" its distressing and i can't understand it, as opposite my favorite track on Elseq 1 is "Pendulu hv moda" and i also like alot "13x0 step". Moving to Elseq 2, this one is the less interesting elseq part. The first track "elyc6 Onset" is too long , besides there isn't much going on with this track, it reminds me a music that was made a couple years ago for a unofficial quake 3 arena used on a spaceship with the CPU out of control, the second track "chimer 1-5-1" is my favorite of Elseq 2, the third track "c7B2" is somehow aggressive and long. going to Elseq 3, this part has two long tracks which can be monotonous at some point despite their beautiful melodies, track "TBM 2" is my favorite of Elseq 3, it sounds like Loess, and the track is not long. Now Elseq 4 is my favorite part of this Album. "Latencall" is my favourite track of the whole Album, it sounds like a fusion between Aphex twin, Autechre and Loess. I also like the rest of the tracks, but "Accdwn 2" is too long and a bit boring. last but not the least Elseq 5 is also a satisfying part, my favorite track is "Freulauex" the rest of the tracks are good but not outstanding. if i don't give a higher rating to this Album its because it wasn't released in CD format , and also because there should have been a better selection of the tracks included on Elseq, its better to have few outstanding musics than alot of musics and find among them ordinary tracks. Thank you torrent for giving me this Album for free. I don't support digital.


5. Juni 2016
So why exactly is the 24 bit version $22 more than the MP3 version? For that matter, why a price difference for any version? An ugly precedent.


30. Mai 2016
This is an incredible album if you are into sound design and great electronic sounds. This album feels like an updated version of L-Event which is a good thing. They actually use percussion and have some insane grooves in this collection. It takes dedication to like Autechre and this album is no exception. Your neighbors will think alien beings have just landed but like i said the sounds in this record are nearly unrivaled which make it worth the lengthy listen.