Barbara Morgenstern ‎– The Grass Is Always Greener



The Grass Is Always Greener 4:43
The Operator 4:23
Polar 3:24
Das Schöne Einheitsbild 3:13
Unser Mann Aus Hollywood 2:45
Juist 3:53
Alles Was Lebt Bewegt Sich 3:40
Ein Paar Sekunden 3:34
Die Japanische Schranke 5:06
Quality Time 4:09
Mailand 2:35
Initials B.M. 4:09

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9. April 2014
bezogen auf The Grass Is Always Greener, CD, Album, monika 47

Barbara Morgenstern decides that THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER. Maybe not on the other side, but with this album. The title track has a warmth in its melding of acoustic and electronic pop, as if it could have come off Morr Music, but "The Operator" changes tacks and goes for chilly but upbeat electro ("Alles Was Lebt Bewegt Sich" merges the two and even adds an electric guitar). The pianos return on a bit of sadness on "Polar" and stick around for the moderately peppy "Das Schöne Einheitsbild." Morgenstern keeps the mood shifting, adding emotional layers to her tracks, even on the instrumentals "Die Japanische Schranke," "Mailand," and the piano-driven closer, "Initials B.M." The grass might be greener over there, but this album will definitely grow on you.