Bathead ‎– Your Big Bat Nightmare



Lord Of The Bats (A True Horror Story) 3:43
Nightmare Inside 4:23
Alone In The Dark 3:46
Sex Or Suicide 3:29
The Vampire Strikes Back 3:49
Dirty Scumbag, Dirty Whore 4:06
Hollywood Fuckers 3:49
Reptile Killer 3:33
Dance The Batusi 2:34
The Devil's Bat 4:10
Deadly Voices 3:33
Two-Faced Madness 4:01
Wicked And Wasted 3:33
Bloodsport V.2 10:10
Reptile Killer (G.O.L.E.M. Remix) 3:51
The Devil's Bat (Dark Short Mix By Akalotz) 3:04
Alone In The Dark (Amnistia Modification) 3:51
Two Faced Madness (TC75 Remix) 3:02
The VEMPIRE Strikes Back (Calm Down Remix By Proleturan) 3:36
Dance The Batusi 3:20
Dirty Scumbag, Dirty Whore (Bodystyler Remix) 4:21
Sex Or Suicide (Zweite Jugend Remix) 3:40
Wicked And Wasted (Human Steel Remix) 3:52
Hollywood Fuckers (Pantser Fabriek Remix) 3:32
Nightmare Inside (Just In Time Remix By MC1R) 4:20

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