Beefcake ‎– Coincidentia Oppositorum

Hymen Records ‎– ¥709
CD, Album, Mixed


1 Untitled 2:34
2 Untitled 5:09
3 Untitled 3:41
4 Untitled 2:27
5 Untitled 4:53
6 Untitled 4:06
7 Untitled 3:15
8 Untitled 4:37
9 Untitled 3:52
10 Untitled 3:13
11 Untitled 3:52
12 Untitled 4:25
13 Untitled 3:43
14 Untitled 2:17
15 Untitled 6:02
16 Untitled 3:56

Unternehmen usw.



(c) & (p) Hymen 2000. The label on this is listed as just "Hymen".

Issued in a standard clear tray jewel case with 4 page booklet.

All tracks are intertwined.

Barcode und andere Identifikationsmerkmale

  • Matrix / Runout: Panteon 01041AA0 *


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12. Mai 2012
geändert over 8 years ago
Not sure if these are the titles or not - the only other writing on this release seems to be a quote from VICTOR HUGO. BEEFCAKE clearly dwell somewhere in the same field as latterday SCORN, but take their music even further! Here is true talent, combining Drum 'n' Bass rhythms, easy listening New Age tranquil tunes, with a plethora of sonic explorative meanderings. In just a handful of (connected) tracks they establish themselves as forefront pioneers of busy microcosmic futuristic rhythmic music who are unafraid of changing direction without warning. This is a busy, cluttered journey through music by turn beautiful, intriguing or just damned entertaining. Name any innovator of modern underground electronic rhythmic music and you can hear them in this. Yet the net result is something stronger, better, more impressive than the dozens of people who have terraformed the New Sonic World Order. And what's more there's such an eclectic approach to the overall sound that anyone of a die-hard genre-addict nature will find parts of the album difficult to come to terms with. Towards the end you suspect that success in the Independent World isn't going to be enough for them - not only is the music varied, but there's enough commercial hook here to push them further out into the world, given help and a great deal of luck. Enjoy them while you can - they're bound for greater things!

Originally reviewed for Metamorphic Journeyman.


2. April 2006
geändert over 14 years ago

This album is simply amazing. Beefcake does what Aphex used to do so well, take harsh beats and layer beautiful melodies overhead. Beefcake takes it to the nth degree in a more modern frenetic glitch style. Their drum programming can be likened to Squarepusher and Venetian, but that is not what makes them so good: taken by itself I would shun their output. The real magic of Beefcake is in the floating atmospheres and occasional melodies that come and go above the psychotic drums. Very emotional and cinematic, almost epic. Catch them while you can, though, as they don't last long and the best bits leave you wanting (much!) more.

I have been less impressed with their other releases and so Coincidentia is the best place to start if you haven't heard them yet. Also, the solo effort of Kattoo - Places has an amazing Beefcake-esque track in #5.


17. Februar 2003
I bought this on the strength of his track on the masonic compilation and was blown away by it.
This album is amongst the best ive heard from hymen records alongside Venetian Snares "Doll Doll Doll" and End's "Science/Fiction" and Starfish Pool's "Illusions Of Move – The Golden Cycle"
It also places him for me firmly alongside the best when it comes to this, next to Aphex, Bogdan, Snares & Squarepusher.
If you buy 3 albums on hymen get End, Snares & this!