Byrke Lou ‎– CODE

Research And Waves ‎– [0.3,y,0.75]
Vinyl, 12"


A1 Side A
B1 Side B



'Code' by Berlin and L.A.-based artist Byrke Lou is the third LP curated and released by Research and Waves and ZCKR Records. For the record the artist presents a sonic curation of her work '.ctu_isbtm'. On Side A the listener encounters bits of '.ctu_isbtm' through '.fa', a virtual sound synthesis system designed by the artist. Operating in a space between sculpture, code and electronics, the system scans 3dimensional objects via a live video feed and programmatically encodes the artist’s glass sculptures within a language of pitches and rhythms using cultural samples as a translative matrix. The generated sound patterns are reencountered on the B-Side of the LP which contains the recording of a live-coding session. By adapting her work for the vinyl format, Byrke Lou creates a complex interplay of dimension, information and time that simultaneously embraces and reveals processes of coding, encoding and decoding. Along with Byrke Lou´s sound piece the physical record features words by AGF.

For the release of 'Code' Byrke Lou and Research and Waves developed an evening long event at Modular+ that blends exhibition, performance and music formats. Physical exhibits will be shown along a live set by the artist, dance elements and DJ-sets. Drawing on the releases themes and materials, each contribution touches on a different aspect of the process of encoding and decoding culture and time.

CODE was kindly supported by Senator für Kultur der Freien Hansestadt Bremen.