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19. September 2013
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This was a soundtrack album for a proposed radio show on NBC in 1958, but the show was never aired, and they also made a pilot film of this for a proposed juvenile sci-fi TV series for Saturday mornings, which was only shown once in October 1958, but it was not picked up and the series was never made.
The voice actors, from radio and television, are Frank Erhardt, Staats Cotsworth, and Bob Hastings (later in McHale's Navy in the early 1960s), represent the cast. The music score was provided by RCA contract composer Marty Gold. The script was written by Charles E. Crumpacker.
This is an excellent, intelligently written science fiction program not just for kids, but also highly enjoyable for adults, and represented where the American Space Program at NASA in 1958 thought we might be in 1985 or so. Besides great acting, it also features an excellent music score and sound effects which heighten the illusion of reality.
The album cover art is also excellent and is very much like that of famous space artist Chesley Bonestell.