Cro-Mags ‎– Age Of Quarrel

Vinyl, 10", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, Unofficial Release, Red Lettering


A1 Signs Of The Times 2:00
A2 Don't Treat On Me 1:20
A3 Face The Facts 1:37
A4 It's The Limit 1:36
A5 Life Of My Own 2:48
A6 Survival (Of The Streets) 1:27
A7 Everybody Gonna Die 1:10
B1 World Peace 2:00
B2 By Myself 2:15
B3 Show You No Mercy 1:52
B4 Malfunction 3:43
B5 Hard Times 1:35
B6 Dub 1:00



Recorded November 2, 1984 and February 16, 1985 at Hi Five Studios, New York City.

Limited to 1500 hand-numbered copies.

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29. April 2020

as you may know, #cromags #ageofquarrel demo tape was released as a 10" in 1991. since there is a lot of confusion about the different versions and their genealogy, I reached out to the producer of the original version of the 10" and asked him to clear things up. but first, let me tell you about my own involvement in the release of this: my buddy X reached out to me in 1990 and asked me for help. he had bought the original demo on his first trip to ny in 1987 and it had competely blown him away. not only musically, but also in the (unfortunate, if you ask me) sense of attracting him to hare krshna, a bizarre religious cult that at the time was pestering parts of the #hardcorepunk scene (not the brightest parts, one might say). well, I had my second thoughts about supporting a band like cro-mags by distributing their infantile attitudes and views (musically, I liked them since seeing them live in 1986), but X is the sweetest guy you can imagine, I couldn't say no. so since I had a studio session booked - and this is where it gets really ironical, in the hindsight - for my old band #fearofgod (a group not to keen on religion and such), I took X with me to that session. it took place in st. gallen, in a tiny studio right above the notorious "galgentobel" (valley of the gallows) - a creepy and beautiful place where I spent a lot of time in the early 1970s when I was a child.

anyway, after transferring my band's tapes that became a live ep entitled "pneumatic slaughter“ (first released in the u.s., then in germany and recently in italy), we transferred the cro-mags demo. I did my best in getting the sound right, helped X through the mastering job (which also took place in st. gallen) and then pointed him to the pressing plant - just basically using the same infrastructure we used for our own label #offthediskrecords . so that one session in the valley of the gallows resulted in two releases - one by a militant atheist band that in the 80s had set out to destroy music and as much superstition as possible. and the other was, well, cro-mags. in eastern switzerland. can't make this shit up.

and what about the 10" pressing variations? here's what X said (translated): "the original pressing of 1500 has a red logo and is numbered. when cro-mags toured germany, I made a second pressing, which the band commisioned from me [X had already compensated cro-mags, or maybe just a part of the band, for the initial pressing. so technically, it's quite debatable whether it is a bootleg or not. - megawimp]. so I reprinted the 10", this time using the green lettering. without my knowledge, Frank (a friend of ours, founder of the swiss label Far Out) produced another 1500 copies, with red letting again. I can't recall how my first and his third pressing differ. I think he may have used a different stamp for numbering. mine had serifs [see picture from my own first pressing - megawimp].“


14. September 2017
With the original cover. I love it. One of my favorite albums of all time.


17. Juli 2014
my version got no number... maybe another bootleg of the bootleg ;-)


18. September 2011
geändert over 9 years ago
Of course the ORIGINAL article of this recording is the pro-printed "Age Of Quarrel" demo cassette, released by the "Cro-Mag-Non Record and Tape Co." Every vinyl incarnation of this material is a bootleg. I still have a copy of the cassette that I got new and sealed from Taang! Records by mail in the late 80's. I do have to say that the album versions put the songs on the demo to shame, but just the same it's a hell of an artifact. It really deserves its own Discogs page.